Pang Tzi 12 | Medicinal Myrobalan Formula

Tibetan Medicine Pills | Pang Tzi 12 | Short-Term Use for Acute Infections | x30

  • Effective against a wide range of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Whether it's respiratory, urinary, or skin-related, Pang Tzi 12 offers targeted relief for various acute ailments.
  • The herbs in this formula are often indicated during hypertension and palpitations, supporting overall heart health.
  • Potent natural anti-inflammatory properties can offer relief from conditions like rheumatic fever and pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Formulated to help provide relief from dental abscesses and toothaches until you can see a dentist.
  • Not just symptom relief—the herbs in Pang Tzi 12 support the overall health of multiple bodily systems.


  • If you're battling conditions like pneumonia, influenza, or tonsillitis, Pang Tzi 12 can be an ally.
  • Experiencing urinary tract infections? This formula is designed to offer relief and support.
  • If you're dealing with pyogenic skin infections or pruritus, Pang Tzi 12 is designed to help your body rebalance.
  • Dental abscesses, toothaches, or gout can be debilitating. Pang Tzi 12 aims to alleviate such acute pains.
  • If you're managing hypertension or experiencing palpitations, talk with your doctor about incorporating Pang Tzi 12 into your healthcare regimen.


Two to three pills, three times daily, about four hours apart. During acute presentation of symptoms, use four pills every three hours, and then as severe symptoms subside, reduce to two pills two to three times a day.

Once the remaining symptoms are resolved, this supplement should be discontinued and replaced with a milder wellness formula. This is usually only used for two to four weeks. Or as instructed by your health care provider.