Tibetan Happiness of Mind | Sem-kyi De-kyid - Semde | Inspiring Harmony Between Heart & Mind | x 30 Pills

Happiness of Mind 
Sem-kyi De-kyid – Semde
Translates as “Happiness of Mind”

The happiness of Mind Pills support a balanced administration of Lhung chi within the central Sushumna, the Nadis, meridians, and collaterals and works to restore chi vitality to meridian and organ systems. It enhances well-being, relaxes and focuses the mind, and aids the function of the body, speech, and mind.

The happiness of Mind pills are used to establish a balanced state of mind and a clear happy heart. They support the body in managing stress, anxiety, and depression and can be taken before bed for insomnia. Two pills are traditionally used in the morning and evening for general well-being.

They are also recommended for a wide range of Lhung imbalances such as depression, stress, and mood imbalances. These range from mild, moderate, and even severe depression to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The happiness of Mind Pill, produces results for most people in just a few days, often in hours.

The heart's pumping action is regulated by an electrical conduction system that coordinates the contraction of the various chambers of the heart. Increased EMF exposure has now been linked as a contributing cause to the increase in SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) globally. This formula may also be effective for protecting against the effects of EMF exposure affecting the hearts electrical system from being shorted out.

When coupled with Bhim Mitra, Sem-kyi De-kyid is known to help people recover from the use of potent drugs, antidepressants, and other prescription drugs. These two supplements are being used together as part of a treatment protocol for drug addiction.

When we analyze the ingredients in this formula we will see that the above scenario is exactly what “Happiness of Mind Pills” are used for. The botanicals in this formula are being recognized for a number of beneficial biomedical applications that reach far beyond this description.

Dissolve 2 pills in boiling 4 oz water 1-2x daily. Crush the (tea) pill while in boiling water and let steep for 10 minutes. 


Although all cultures on Earth use plant-derived medicines we cannot recommend self-medication with plant products or holistic therapies as they are not recognized by the FDA. For this reason, we make no medical claims. Rather we offer medicinal information in the context of historical usage, the teachings of the Medicine Buddha, and from personal experience augmented by our studies and current information.

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