Rinchen Seljed Chakril Chenmo | Eye and Vision Health

Rinchen Precious Jewel Pill | Seljed Chakril Chenmo | Precious Great Iron Jewel

  • Beneficial for all kinds of eye disorders, including cataracts, light intolerance, dry and watery eyes, jaundice, and optic nerve disorders.
  • Exceptionally beneficial against cataracts due to chronic compounded poisoning.
  • Supports the liver and spleen.


  • Use to restore eye health, including against cataracts, painful tears, or partial or complete blindness due to pupil dilation.
  • If you’re in good health, use it to protect the health of your eyes.


Soak the pill in a clean cup with about 4 oz of hot pre-boiled water for ten minutes. Then crush and stir the content, drink the whole mixture, and follow with more warm water.
When taken for rejuvenation by a healthy person, it should be taken on an auspicious date like the full moon and new moon days of the Tibetan lunar calendar, special Buddha days, etc., to gain optimum results.

These come in a pack of five. Please email us if you have any questions or want a different volume.

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