Pet Calm SETI Behavioral Support, Anxiety Relief, Nerve Related Pain Relief

Pet Calm SETI was tested with hundreds of Dogs being trained for obedience at the Cedarwood K-9 Training Center in Bellingham Washington. The results were hard to deny on average 90% of the dogs would behave, settle down, and have much better chances of conforming and passing the training. We have tested this infusion with rowdy horses, calves, cats, birds, and even lizards. Calm has become a staple for pet owners who work a lot and want to ensure their pets don't suffer. 

All mammals and all animals with vertebrae have endocannabinoid systems. CBD and some terpenes interact with this system to promote homeostasis and balance as well as a host of other beneficial interactions with the body. 

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Organic Coconut Derived MCT OIL, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Synergy Enhanced Terpenes

Nerolidol* B-Caryophyllene* Terpineol* Myrcene* Linalool* Terpinolene* D-Limonene* 

Use 5mg per 25lbs of body weight (example 100lb Pet= 20mg dose).
Use .5-1 full dropper in the corner of your pet's mouth or use it in food at meal times.
May be used 1-4 x per day. 

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