Amla 25 | Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Detox

Tibetan Medicine Pill | Kyu-ru 25 | Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Detox | 30 Pills

  • Delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, normalizes blood pressure, and detoxifies the blood to improve blood quality.
  • Helps prevent the conditions in the body that lead to abnormal cell growth and cancer.
  • Used in remediation protocols for wasting diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV, and Parkinson’s. Suitable for long-term use for protection and regeneration.


  • Use to improve blood quality and circulation and to nourish and detox the blood.
  • Use during cancer recovery to help reduce tumors.
  • Effective against symptoms of excessive heat, including dryness, throat hoarseness, red eyes, and skin irritations.


Take two pills in the AM and/or PM or as advised by your holistic practitioner. Take with warm water.

Note: With weak digestion, it is better to crush for easier assimilation.