Icy Blue Gel Fast Acting Analgesic Pain Reliever - NON CBD

One of our most formidable topicals is Icy Blue Gel. It delivers immediate and powerful cooling relief that cuts through moderate to severe pain within seconds. The potent plant botanicals and healing terpenes in this masterful creation combines plant wisdom and modern science to deliver unique and effective healing relief. Using penetrating DMSO ensures a superior and more effective delivery system into fascia, muscle, tendons and joints. setting this gel-based pain reliever apart from all competitors

Whether you're recovering from injuries, an athlete looking to improve performance, or simply wanting to ease stress and tension, Jampha’s Focused Heat, Icy Blue and Relieve is for you.

Gel Base*, Pharma Grade DMSO, Organic Synergy Enhanced Terpenes, and Botanical Extracts. 

A-Pinene* B-Pinene* Terpinolene* B-Caryophyllene* Myrcene

White Camphor* Comfrey* Lavender* Menthol Crystals

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