Water vs Oil Based | How to Use Water Based Tincture's

The key difference between water-soluble and oil soluble, is the absorption rate. Water-soluble has a higher absorption rate than oil. This is because water is easily absorbed and used by the body. Over 60% of the human adult body is water. The body loves water and can easily absorb and more efficiently use water to heal and restore itself. It has higher "bioavailability” and this is a major reason why Jampha has developed SETI water based plant medicines. 

As we know Oil and water do not mix well together. Oil distillates of CBD and similar oil based products often mislabeled as tinctures, cannot be effectively processed by our body because oil cannot cross the blood membrane barriers anywhere in the body (brain, digestive, circulatory etc.).

To further ensure Jampha’s medicinal plant formulas are easily absorbed into and through body systems we use mountain charged high ionic and golden ratio Fibonacci sequence resonant frequency enhanced Water.

How to use?
Jampha’s tinctured infusions can be taken directly in the mouth and held under the tongue for as long as comfortable and then followed by a glass of water. 

Another method is adding Jampha tinctured infusions to a small 4 oz. amount of pre boiled hot water, stir gently once or twice and then enjoy the healing vapor's being released, hold the cup under the nose and breath in the healing vapor's - hold for a count of three and on the exhale say the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" on the out breath. Do that three times and then drink and enjoy within this generated field of blessing you just created.