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Developing The Heart, Mind and Body Series


From Jampha Sacred Mind Sanctuary

Healing works better when you prepare your mind to be open to healing activation and you may need a bit of insight and training as to what that looks and feels like.

My intention with this monograph is to offer an understanding of how to tune in and to activate your higher potential and to realize that your extremely precious incarnation is offering you an opportunity to learn and to use the gifts you have coded within you. 

   Mind Matters    

The most important part of you is your mind (not your brain - the brain is the hardware and the mind creates the software). Many times we are out of our mind being in a past moment, past thoughts or fabricating thoughts from mis aligned emotions, creating projections, thinking of future moments. Today there are so many distractions vying for our attention and where we put out attention, is where we are putting our awareness. Besides self sabotaging thoughts we can do to ourselves, the attention iPhones and computers are taking from our minds inner connection to self, to surroundings and to others is increasingly sabotaging our ability to have a connection to our higher resonant state of awareness and well being.

Care for your mind, make friends with it, always feed it healthy food /nutritious thoughts, engage it in positive activity, exercise it with knowledge and wisdom. Like a garden returns fragrance and beauty according to the care invested, so your mind will repay you with thoughts, ideas and visions of great beauty when tended and invested with care. 

Your mind is not made of matter but it does matter what you give it, how you use it and what you create with it. Where your mind goes, you go. What your mind focuses on activates etheric composition and can become your destiny. Mind management is a skill set and should be developed until it is an automatic practice like breathing.

The practice of meditation can be done anywhere, at any time and supports mind management 💖 Though meditation starts as something that you sit down for, it can bloom into an active principle in whatever you do. You don’t need a darkened room and a seated lotus position to meditate, there are many forms of meditation and you will discover them.

The word  meditation covers a fairly wide spectrum of practices, from walking and eating meditation to mantra-based meditation and more. Some meditators find that one style works best for them—and they stick to it. Others like to experiment with the different styles. The important thing to remember is that one style isn’t better than another; they are all different and offer their own unique benefits, find one that’s comfortable for you.

Nurture your mind with peace, spiritual insight and good feelings and your mind will give that experience in return. Whatever you are experiencing in your mind now is what you put there or allowed to be there earlier on.

A very special Tibetan Lama would often say “Check Up your mind!” see what you are allowing to influence your experience and state of being.

  Select your thoughts carefully as you would select your clothes for the day.

As you’ve come to know by now, improving your health and fitness transcends the body and is as much a mental or mind journey as it is a physical one. Max Planc discovered “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

Practice selecting your thoughts, establishing spiritually supportive mind sets, selecting affirmations, using mantra’s for the day, this care will set a sure and positive trajectory. Taking command of your minds inner atmospheres (thoughts rolling through it, stuck thoughts and energies etc) and setting an intentional positive trajectory for the day is a powerful skill set you can cultivate by practicing doing it. You will find it is a useful tool for setting and navigating your day and you will have many opportunities seeing how the universal energies line up for you. 

Managing the mind also develops mental agility which gains focus, clarity and power from your management of mind and generation of chi, your chi is generated and stored in your bio battery - your bio electric body.

We are electric beings and our bodies and our thoughts are vehicles, yes thoughts are also vehicles that navigate and drive our trajectory. Everything is frequency and energy. Understanding how this is all interconnected, mind to our gut, our organs and our thoughts is explained here by

Mantak Chia 

Becoming Physically Present

What does it mean to be present? 


Take a moment right now to observe 7 things around you. Look at your surroundings and identify 7 things that stand out to you.

Just by doing this easy exercise, it has brought your attention into the present. When you are in the present, it helps you to become completely aware. For just a minute when you were identifying the objects in the room, there was no worry, there was no fear. There was just you, the observer, trying to tune into what you were seeing.

This works on a deeper level as well. When you can be present and tune in to how you are feeling, you also start become more aware and more conscious.

Besides basic hygiene, navigating your day to day care of yourself includes your body and sense of well being, equated as mind and thoughts. However well being originates beyond mind & thoughts and comes into awareness as “Presence” with awareness.

Consciousness is defined as the state or quality of awareness. To be aware we have to be awake. Not just physically awake but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are all conscious beings, but achieving a state of clarity in higher consciousness is about awakening that awareness to it's fullest potential and actually feeling “lit up” with the energy of that higher vibratory consciousness.

We raise our levels of consciousness through being more present in each moment, being aware of where we are and what we are doing. Being “present” in this higher vibratory awareness allows “knowing” to be present in your awareness. 


Becoming Emotionally Present


Take a moment right now to identify 3 things that you are currently feeling. Go with the first emotions that pop into your mind.

In that brief moment, when you were doing that exercise you started to tune into your emotional awareness. In this moment you were able to clearly tune into your emotional state of being and feel your energy. In this moment there was nothing else, it was just you, the observer.

We can go even deeper with this exercise to establish a continuity of inner presence.

Becoming Spiritually Present ★ Establishing Inner Presence


To heighten your spiritual awareness requires you to learn how to separate who you are in this incarnation with the observer in your mind. To recognize this, give yourself a few praises. This could be something like - “I really love how you handled that project at work today”. 

Whatever praises you come up with, say those praises to yourself in your head. As you are saying them, feel the response that you get when you hear them. That “person” that energy hearing the response is you. You are not the voice, you are the listener, the witness, the observer. You are the energy hearing those words, that is your higher consciousness listening.

Tibetans refer to this as your “Mind Stream” and is very special and uniquely yours. In this inner state of "presence awareness”  there is no ego, it simply doesn’t exist. This is an untarnished state of pure awareness. Your mind is in a comfortable state of open awareness, relax, let go, trust in your inner “awareness presence" and be the flow. Here’s a a little ditty to help you remember.

Love your life every day 💖 Spirit is showing you the way. If it's easy, it is from the heart 💖 If it's heavy, it is from the ego part 🌺

So if it's from the ego part (you’ll feel it) that’s the time to 'check up your mind’ and get aligned. Let I go into the flow and “Know”. There is no thinking here, just breathing and flowing and knowing.

Being in the present moment with your “inner presence" actively in “awareness" is a stunning and magical way to be “in the moment”. 

Practice maintaining inner awareness while in the flow of the moment is like staying on your board while surfing, it takes practice.

Here is a meditation and affirmation you can use during a new moon.


New Moon Portal 🌙

Waves of new moon Blessings🦋

On this new moon let's plant seeds of

Liquid light, encoded with our deepest

Desires, and then surrender it to the

Divine order and divine timing within

The Divine Plan of Perfection.

New Moon Portal Activation 🙏✨

As I (your name) step into the new

Moon Portal, I release all lower

Vibrational energies from my energy field

I (your name) invoke the highest light,

The platinum, gold, white and

Diamond rays 💎 to pass through all the

atoms, cells and energy fields within this form of mine

Flowing through, filling, renewing and activate every 

all energy centers and key codes within every cell of my being 

right now and empowering  my true essence in radiance and renewal.

May the light of a thousand suns

Within me shine brightly and illuminate

My whole being and radiate to all I meet.

And so it is ...✨✨✨🌹


¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) 

(¸.•´ (¸.•` 🌺 ➷💖💙•*¨) Amchi La~