Frequently Asked Questions about Jampha - FAQ

Why should I purchase Jampha products?

-We offer the highest quality products available in formulas that are both ancient and innovative. Our ingredients are infused with mantras during cultivation, harvesting and preparation. We continue that practice in our lab. Our lab uses sacred geometry, art, and selected sound frequencies, thus creating an energetic field of healing abundance. We strongly believe in the power of intention and frequency to promote good health. We are the first and premier provider of the powerful SETI and Tibetan botanical fusion to further assist in healing. We invite you to discover the unique and powerful properties of our products to help address important health issues for yourself, family and friends!

How do you test for quality?

-All our product offerings are independently lab tested for content, purity, bacteria, heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and other impurities. These results are found in our Certificates of Analysis on our web-site. Additionally, we have had naturopathic doctors in Europe test our products after extended shipment times. They praise our products for the highest quality they have seen. Others use muscle testing as well, particularly our clients in the wellness community. You can be assured that our products are the highest quality possible, and we constantly seek ways to improve.

What are terpenes?

-Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in plants and in turn, essential oils. Think of essential oils as the soup and the terpenes as the ingredients. Terpenes are the building block that gives plants their taste and smell. Research over many decades indicates that terpenes also contain the purest form of medicinal properties in certain plants. We have chosen specific terpenes for their individual and collective healing properties. Our unique terpene infusions bring botanicals into higher expression. Jampha has a large selection of terpenes to choose from. Some of our more frequently used terpenes are alpha-bisabolol, alpha and beta pinene, citral, limonene/d-limonene and myrcene, to name a few. Our labels contain the full list of isolated terpenes for each product.

What is Tibetan medicine?

-Tibetan medicine, (Sowa Rigpa), is documented to go back as far as 2500 years. It teaches that our body's biochemistry is wired to respond to plant energetics. This medicine is used for diagnosis, prevention and restorative treatment. Now you too can benefit from what practitioners have known for thousands of years. (

The Tibetan healing system is an intricate art and science of healing and restoration integrating new applications, but only after withstanding relentless testing and continued refinement and treatment effectiveness over the centuries. Tibetan holistic healing guidelines and therapies offer carefully designed healing protocols to promote humeral balance and increased health. We feel a deep spiritual alliance with plants because we believe that plants are endowed with healing energy that can nourish and heal our bodies and minds.

“Tibetan holistic healing is a comprehensive and an effective system of health care, which over the centuries has served the Tibetan people well and we wish to share its great potentialities and benefits for the health and happiness with all people in the world.” H.H. The Dalai Lama

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

-Yes. All sales are backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.

Where do you source your ingredients?

-We carefully select each supplier. Our Botanicals are grown using practices in partnership with the plant and mineral kingdoms as taught by the Tibetan Sowa Rigpa tradition and the Medicine Buddha. We assure you that they are the finest ingredients available.

Water vs Oil Based

 The key difference between water-soluble and oil soluble, is the absorption rate. Water-soluble has a higher absorption rate than oil. This is because water is easily absorbed and used by the body. Over 60% of the human adult body is water. The body loves water and can easily absorb and more efficiently use water to heal and restore itself. It has higher "bioavailability” and this is a major reason why Jampha has developed SETI water based plant medicines. To further ensure Jampha’s medicinal plant formulas are easily absorbed into and through body systems we use mountain charged high ionic and golden ratio Fibonacci sequence resonant frequency enhanced Water. 

How to use?

Jampha’s tinctured infusions can be taken directly in the mouth and held under the tongue for as long as comfortable and then followed by a glass of water.

Another method is adding Jampha tinctured infusions to a small 4 oz. amount of pre boiled hot water, stir gently once or twice and then enjoy the healing vapor's being released, hold the cup under the nose and breath in the healing vapor's - hold for a count of three and on the exhale say the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" on the out breath. Do that three times and then drink and enjoy within this generated field of blessing you just created.

How do you decide what herbs to use for each product? 

-Jampha products are created by a Tibetan doctor who has practiced ancient Tibetan medicine for over 45 years. His vast knowledge is called upon to select and prepare products with specific healing focus.


Do you offer products for pets as well?

-Yes. We offer Pet Balance, Pet Calm and Pet Relieve using terpenes that are safe for all animals.

Are your products FDA approved? 


Are your products 3rd party tested?


Do traditional healthcare practitioners use your product?

-Yes. Chiropractors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physicians, Wellness Centers and others use our products with confidence.

Why did you choose Jampha and Loving Kindness?

-Jampha is the Tibetan word meaning loving kindness. Loving Kindness is exactly what goes into every infusion, topical and any other product we make.

How can I learn more?

-We strongly encourage you to do your own research. A good place to start is our website,, especially our Blog section.

Feel free to search the internet to also learn more, including the unique properties of the botanicals, minerals and terpenes found in our products.

We are found on FB, IG & Pinterest "Jampha Tibetan Wellness"

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