Covid-19 CCP Virus Policy

Jampha is formulated, packaged and shipped from our 9,000 sqft hermetically sealed purpose build CBD facility in Blaine Washington. Our building was designed and built by a family 3 scientists multiple PHD and our own Bio-chemist to be as efficient and earth friendly as possible. Our foot print is minimal, we use natural resources for the maintenance of this purpose built hemp facility for growing and extracting. We have large stocks of ethanol 200 proof we use to supplement our cleaning supplies to ensure we tirelessly sanitize and cleanse before and after every shift. We have limited one staff member per shift to each of 9 rooms as needed with split shifts from 1 to 3 per day to minimize internal contacts. Employees are all on lockdown other than work and at risk employees and partners are remaining at home to err on the side of caution. We provide weekly grocery support and keep our public contact to emergency only.

If you have any concerns or are a high risk category please feel free to call or email us to set your mind at ease will go above and beyond to ensure our business practices are in alignment with CDC advisory’s and scientists recommendations.


Jampha Team. April 22-2020