Biography of our Founder

Trinn Allen was Born into a family with a rich multi-generational military heritage, serving in both the US and Australian armed forces. Trinn’s parents were both active US Air force at the time of his birth. Over his life, Trinn has developed a deep awareness for the sacrifice and ongoing effects of grief, trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). He understands both the generational grief of a loved one never returning home and the devastating effects of broken spirits and bodies returning, yet unable to reclaim their dreams. While grateful and proud of our valiant military, he is troubled by the support often withheld from our wounded warriors. Although not a veteran, his personal trajectory of supporting the nation’s wounded came as a result of a 2012 assault which robbed him of his pride, health, and career. That moment in time set Trinn on a serendipitous path to alternate healing. 

Seeking his true path, Trinn tried a variety of pursuits. He began his career in security contracting, beginning with the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. With a deep desire to serve others, he successfully completed a two-year mission as a lay-minister in Georgia where he held various leadership positions and developed a deep connection and love for the people he served.

Eventually, his path returned to protection work with the establishment of a private security services company in Virginia for Royalty, Diplomats, Executives and other High Profile Individuals. His most trusted protection details iwere by veterans recently home from the Middle East. Again, that military influence came knocking on his door. As Trinn witnessed the trauma and separation between loved ones and their families he knew there had to be a better way. He didn’t know it at the time but the challenges and lessons of leading men with PTSD from combat would provide a unique insight that lit a fire to help these men and women and their families that continues to grow!

Following his 2013 assault, Trinn spent 3 months with an external fixator and underwent multiple surgeries to keep his leg.  More complications challenged him as his health continued to deteriorate and his medicinal count mounted as doctors tried to manage both the initial symptoms to the evolving side effects from the cocktail of medicines. At his lowest point with some 16 different medicines in his system, his immune system crashed, resulting in a very negative toll,  emotionally, financially and physically.

After his initial surgery, he found out that outdated screws and plates had been used to rebuild his ankle and that the leaching components were also making him sick. The ankle injury created such a high risk that his original surgeon declined to take out the hardware for fear of losing the leg. Increasing medical bills had become untenable  due to his inability to work or function without strong pain medications. So, applying for disability and moving closer to family was the only option left. 

In late 2014 Trinn moved from Virginia to Washington. On the way, he stopped in Utah to meet with an Orthopedic Surgeon who is now a cousin-in-law.  When asked if he could do the revision surgery, he simply said, “God didn’t bring us to this point to for me to say no, I will perform your surgery and we would like to cover the costs and have you stay in our home post-op as a thank you for introducing me to my wife” (Yes, Trinn is also a matchmaker!). After two days in recovery, Trinn finished his cross country trek to his sister’s house in the Seattle area where a little cabin was built for him in her backyard. Trinn would spend the next year exploring and discovering the healing properties of CBD and weaning himself off traditional medicines to control his residual inflammation and pain.

In 2015 after existing on full disability and in the clutches of despair that only PTSD, resulting from a traumatic assault, can bring, Trinn felt seemingly worthless and his thoughts and energy became more focused on defeat and suicide. Trinn's father was also dealing with his dad’s rapidly declining health and his wife's medical crisis. She had undergone 5 brain surgeries in 4 weeks. She was put into a medically induced coma, crossed over but returned while spending a month in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Family and personal trauma were piling up with seemingly no relief or healing in sight. In his lowest moment, which Trinn remembers clearly, he asked God to show him how to heal himself naturally and completely; not just in body but in mind and soul as well. He told the Universe that if he could be shown how…  he would spend his life helping others to learn as well. Soon, he started to feel less self pity and began looking for opportunities to get out of his self imposed isolation and back into the world. He was granted permission by the State of Washington to work while on disability for $12 per hour and for a maximum of 20 hours per week. He found a part-time position as a bud-tender nearby. 

That step moved him closer to his destiny. With this new beginning, Trinn learned the basics of cannabinoids science and sales. During this immersion into cannabis culture, Trinn’s eyes were opened to the healing that CBD offers when taken correctly, along with other cannabinoids. During the course of that year, Trinn would begin to experiment with CBD and Cannabinoids for his own medical conditions. 

Things began to flow quickly from there. In 2016, he chose a
pescatarian diet eating only fresh salmon and whitefish for meat and non-GMO organic plant foods until 2017 when he successfully stopped taking the last two of 16 medications! 2017 and 2018 were spent developing a greater understanding of essential oils and terpenes, through study and his own healing experience. Trinn was able to see a considerable difference in CBD’s effect on the body when used with full-spectrum CBD concentrate rather than an isolate.

Trinn continues to study plant medicine and to search the world for other healing plant medicines that can be used in conjunction with CBD. He further studied Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine, plant sacraments, plant medicine and the ever-expanding information we have about cannabinoids and terpenes, and the role they play in balance and healing. He believes that healing aspects of CBD are only beginning to be understood in science and in the general public. The potential for literally healing humanity is virtually limitless. 

Trinn’s mission is to offer non-pharmaceutical/natural treatment options for people stuck in the revolving doors of modern medicine, without healing outcomes. Once,  one of the countless people feeling hopeless in this world, Trinn has committed his time and resources to the awakening of humanity to powerful and safe anti-inflammatory treatments using CBD. When the vast majority of disease, illness and pain starts with inflammation it would seem self-evident that anything offering inflammation healing and relief would be at the forefront of research and development, with results shared in medical journals and even more broadly. Sadly, traditional medicine largely prefers to treat symptoms rather than addressing the cause.  Moving from treating the symptoms to healing and cures is a fundamental shift. Trinn’s dream, and what he has made his life’s work, is to educate people on the alternative options to healing, and provide the highest quality and most affordable CBD products possible.