Authentic Tibetan Herbal Remedies and Synergy Enhanced Infusions

Modern Expressions of Ancient Natural Remedies

Jampha harnesses the healing power of the botanical and mineral kingdoms. Authentic Tibetan medicine tinctures and pills formulated by a practitioner with over 50 years of experience and enhanced with a synergy of targeted terpenes.

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Herbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety, Pain, or Inflammation and to Nourish and Strengthen Your Body’s Systems

Blue Lotus Peacock Botanical Immunotherapy

Jampha’s tinctures, pills, and lotions fall under two general categories. The first is an advanced expression of Tibetan medicine, such as the Blue Lotus Peacock to strengthen your immune system or the White Tiger to reduce pain and inflammation. 

These are formulated by Amchi Thubten Lekshe, a Tibetan medicine practitioner trained at Men-Tsee-Khang with more than 50 years of experience.

Sleep SETI

The second category is Synergy-Enhanced Terpene Infusions (S.E.T.I.). These full-spectrum herbal tinctures are made from USA-grown organic plant sources. 

Plant terpenes are unique molecules that fit into receptors in your body like keys, supporting your optimal health. Synergistic combinations of powerful plant terpenes enhance our infusions like FocusRelieve, and Sleep

Our Tibetan and S.E.T.I. infusions are available with or without organic, USA-grown CBD.

I could barely walk most mornings and had to get up two to three times a night. My hips and wrists are arthritic, and Jampha’s White Tiger gives me relief like I have never experienced. -Carol B.

I recently got a bottle of the Diamond Lignum Vitae and have taken 1ml for four days in a row. After menopause, sex became painful, and my libido was non-existent. After three days on this, I have to say there was definitely an improvement! -Carolyn A.

The Sleep SETI is such a Godsend. It is performing way beyond my expectations. My body is healing from stuff I never expected--thanks to Turquoise Dragon, White Tiger, and Shilajit. I will never be without these. I told my doctor about them this week, and he approved! He is happy with how I am doing. He is impressed that my colon is healing. I was not given much hope before... It was so damaged. Jampha=Hope and Healing." ~Barbara Xander 

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Natural Skin Creams, Topical Pain Relief, and Topical Anti-Inflammatories

Icy Blue Gel

To deliver powerful herbal remedies to restore and enliven your skin or relieve pain and inflammation, Jampha offers five all-natural topical lotions and gels. Each herbal formula is terpene-enhanced.

For fast pain relief that penetrates deep into the fascia, tendons, muscles, and joints, Jampha’s Icy Blue GelFocus Heat Gel, and Relieve Topical contain DMSO. This helps deliver the potent botanicals and terpenes to where you need relief the most.

Vibrant Face Lotion

To help relieve inflammatory skin conditions, Balance pH Topical contains skin-healing botanicals like carrot seed and blue yarrow. The rich but lightweight Vibrant Face Lotion combines essential oils, botanical extracts, and terpenes to revive, hydrate, protect, and heal your skin.

I’ve been using Jampha’s Vibrant Face Lotion for a while now. A couple of years ago, I was in a really bad bike accident where I had to have stitches in my face that left a jagged vertical scar from my chin to my eye and also horizontally under my eye. I tried a variety of things to try and reduce the inflammation and scarring. I tried different creams and staying out of the sun, but ultimately this Vibrant Face Lotion is what made the difference. I apply it once a day to the scarred area. Over time you can hardly tell which side of my face the scar was on, which was such a relief. I’ve also used Jampha’s Vibrant Face Lotion a couple of times on sunburns and had great results. The jar lasts a long time, and you don’t need to apply much. The high-quality ingredients are what make the difference. -Josh O.

As a trainer constantly working out and lifting heavy weights, the Icy Blue Gel is a game changer! If I am sore after a workout, have a knot, or feel pain in any of my joints, I put this on, and the pain is relieved within minutes. I can feel the cooling sensation very deep in my muscles. Highly recommend it for any athlete. -Sierra Nelson

Wow, I started using Icy Blue Gel a month ago, and I noticed immediate relief. My legs are feeling so much better. The constant pain has gone from a 9 to a manageable 3. Thank you, Jampha team. -Kathy Read

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Our Bodies Were Designed for Plant Medicine

ECS Receptors in the Human Body

Nature is a master craftsman of molecules. Plant terpenes, for example, are unique molecules designed to restore and maintain homeostasis in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS runs through your whole body. 

Research links your ECS to the regulation of chronic pain, inflammation, immune system health, mood, appetite, digestion, metabolism, sleep, cardiovascular system, learning and memory, muscle formation, bone remodeling, motor control, liver function, reproductive system function, and skin health. Scientists are still working to understand how plant terpenes support your ECS in finding and maintaining health and balance. 

Plant molecules and minerals can have remarkable healing effects on your body. Western medicine relies on plant molecules since 80% or more of the drug substances subscribed by doctors are manufactured from natural products or compounds. Even synthetic drugs are often replications of natural molecules.

While pharmaceuticals isolate molecules, medical researchers are beginning to realize the importance of using the whole plant. Over 200 years ago, western medical researchers derived the world’s more prevalent medications–beginning with morphine and aspirin–from the traditional use of plants.

Today, researchers are demonstrating the whole plant has a more potent effect than the same dose of isolated components.

When I discovered Jampha, I had been through three surgeries in 18 months and felt completely brittle. About three months after taking the tinctures daily, I suddenly realized I had life-force energy running through me. I felt like a tree that started having its sap moving again and like my cells were communicating. What an amazing contrast! Right around that time, I went to my naturopath, and she was flabbergasted at how balanced my hormone system tested. I handed her the Jampha products I had been using, and she has used them in her practice ever since. -Leslie Shankman

The Tibetan Medicine Tradition is Over 2500 Years Old

Tibetan Medicine, or Sowa Rigpa, dates back at least 2500 years. The first institute of Tibetan medicine was established in the 8th century. After his exile, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, re-opened the Men-Tsee-Khang institute of Tibetan medicine in India.

Tibetan Happiness of Mind Pills

Jampha has the tremendous honor of working with one of the few Tibetan medicine masters trained at Men-Tsee-Khang. Amchi Thubten Lekshe brought his training to the west 45 years ago. Since then, he has enhanced the traditional formulations for western physiologies while keeping the botanical signatures intact.

In 1977, Amchi Thubten Lekshe founded the Tibetan Pharmacy as an education site. It shares the history and process behind how Tibetan infusions and pills are made. 

Amchi Thubten Lekshe is a true Sowa Rigpa lineage holder with over 50 years of experience in Tibetan medicine herbs and clinical application. Using his formulations, Jampha’s Tibetan Pharmacy Pills are made in medical monasteries of Bhutan and Nepal and distributed by Jampha in the USA. 

Jampha Harnesses the Healing Potential of Botanicals and Minerals

Jampha’s founder Trinn Hatch discovered the healing power of plant terpenes after a life-shattering injury. At first, he created his unique terpene combinations for personal healing and to wean himself off the 16 post-injury prescriptions. You can read a little more about Trinn’s story in this article.

Jampha's Focus Synergy Enhanced Tibetan Infusion (SETI)

Even as a young student, Amchi Thubten Lekshe intuitively understood the higher expression of plants. During his early training with the Dalai Lama’s physicians in Men-Tsee-Khang, he noticed traditional drying process resulted in the loss of vital terpenes.

When Trinn and Amchi came together, it was a natural evolution for both of them. Amchi brought deep knowledge of Tibetan medicine. Trinn’s terpene combinations were having life-changing effects on people across the country. Together, they create a vibrantly new and advanced expression of traditional plant medicine.

Jampha’s Tibetan Infusions are crafted with the highest quality, rare botanicals, minerals, and plant terpenes. They are formulated traditionally with dried botanicals and natural sources. Then Jampha’s Synergy Enhanced Terpenes are reintroduced to enhance the potency and restore the full life force essence of the plants.

People are often astonished after they try the products. Many natural products on the market aren’t harnessing their full potential. When done right, whole plant remedies ignite the master healer inside your body and sometimes affect amazing changes.

About ten years ago, I had a concussive brain injury. I was on a skateboard without a helmet. I crashed at the bottom of a hill and blacked out for a couple of minutes. I did not go to a hospital or call an ambulance. I just went on with my day. At the end of the summer, I went back to college only to realize I had to drop out. After the brain injury, I went from being a normal student to not being able to function academically. I got so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed. I withdrew after a few months of school. I tried going back to school several times, and it never worked out. Finally, after about ten years, I discovered Jampha' SETI formulas. During that ten years, I couldn’t even hold a job as a dishwasher or a sandwich maker. I was irritable and withdrawn. I could hear liquids flowing around my skull– it was not good. It was only after I took Jampha's SETI formulas for three months that I could get an office job. I was able to use Excel and do detailed work without any problems. Around that time, I got an MRI, and my brain was healthy. They couldn’t believe I’d had a head injury. I went from nothing to having my life back on track, and I exclusively have Jampha SETI to thank for that. I noticed benefits immediately and cumulatively. It basically cured my ADD, and it almost certainly healed my brain because I went from being completely unable to hold any job to excelling in an office job. Thank you, Jampha! -John Ulmer

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