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About Jampha's Founder

Jampha is a Tibetan word meaning "loving-kindness." Loving Kindness is exactly what goes into every infusion, topical creams and product that we make. Our brand is named after a much-loved Tibetan monk who has been close to one of our founding members his entire life. It is Jampha's intention that radiant Love and healing are infused into each of our products and felt by each who uses them, in loving-kindness.

The genesis of what is now the Jampha brand started in 2014, to help its original formulator and family members, who were suffering from severe arthritic pain, a traumatic brain injury requiring five brain surgeries in four weeks, and a multiple fracture leg injury that had resulted in severe disability. From this beginning, we have continued our healing path by developing a wide range of powerfully-beneficial products using the knowledge of plant medicine coupled with the latest scientific cannabinoid  and terpene research, our team of scientists and formulation experts bring together an entourage of holistic, full-spectrum products that heal and enhance our lives.

Jampha infusions and topicals have proven to be so effective in helping restore quality of life to family and many others that sharing it with the world has become our vision! This vision drives all we do. We have seen amazing results, from helping chronic inflammation to completely weaning off opiates after many years of taking these highly addictive substances.

Our adamant commitment is to deliver life enhancing products that promote balanced mind, healthy body free from pain and suffering, and enhancing our souls connection to our higher potentials.

Our team is comprised of individuals whose lives have been changed by the healing and balancing power of Plant medicines and are passionate about empowering others in reclaiming their health. 
Our goal is to build relationships with people and companies committed to healing our planet and each other, and in that united goal increasing benefit for all.

Each of our products with their unique terpene and botanical profiles promote a specialized entourage of health benefits. We encourage each of you to participate in our Loving Kindness community and experience the life changing positive qualities that are radiant in our products.

In loving Kindness, Jampha