Calm S.E.T.I. Nerve Related Pain Relief & Emotional Support

CALM delivers a skillful entourage of soothing plant terpenes that help the body dissolve physical and mental stress. It is also designed to support a calm, happy and relaxed state of being. CALM is an empowering sanctuary you can count on every day and especially during the storms of life. Terpenes in this S.E.T.I are revered for their calmative support of the nervous system and nerve-related injuries and illnesses. 

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Extract, Organic Coconut derived MCT oil, Organic Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusion (SETI)


Nerolidol * Myrcene * beta-Caryophyllene * Linalool * Citral * Terpineol * alpha-Bisabolol * Valencene 

Take 1-3 times daily. Use ½-1 dropper, hold under tongue for 90 seconds then swallow. Take with 4oz of water. 

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