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Vibrant-Face Lotion

Jampha Vibrant Face is a powerful combination of skin-nurturing essential oils and terpenes as well as other plant extracts from around the world. Vibrant-Face offers a fresh, clean and tight tingly effect that your pores will love. Made with the highest quality organic ingredients available. Once you have tried Jampha Vibrant-Face Certified Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Face lotion your search will be over. Backed by our full 30-day money-back guarantee. Our newest product edition to the Jampha family.
Jampha Topicals are made using Organic certified Industrial Hemp Full Spectrum Distillate. This unique proprietary terpene and essential oil profiles have been formulated with hemp lotion to offer a formidable topical made to target the imbalances that cause many of the day-day discomforts we deal with. Jampha has been created with loving-kindness to offer plant-based alternatives to harmful chemical treatments and medicines. 

250mg CBD
Size 50mL (2oz)
5mg per serving
12.5mg/2.5mL serving size
20 servings per jar

500 mg CBD
Size 100 ml (4oz)
5 mg per mL
12.5 mg/2.5 mL serving size
40 servings per jar

1000 mg CBD 
Size 200 ml (8oz)
5 mg per mL
12.5 mg/2.5 mL serving size
80 servings per jar
Vibrant-Face Lotion
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