Rinchen Ratna Samphel | Antidote to Poisons and Chemical Toxins

Rinchen Precious Jewel Pill | Ratna Samphel | Wish Fulfilling Jewel | 5 Pills

  • Delivers nourishing tonic support to the nerve and blood channels, connecting them to the central channel, meridians, and nadis (energy pathways).
  • Tonifies the brain and spinal cord to improve mobility and overall health.
  • Dries up and removes excess uric acid from the blood, which can build up on certain medications or with diminished kidney function, causing painful crystals in the joints and other health issues.
  • Enhances chi quality and conductivity, restoring brain and nervous system conductivity, which keeps your senses and reflexes sharp.


  • Use to increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Formulated to help reduce dizziness and improve memory and brain function.
  • Indicated to use after a stroke where blood flow and oxygen were restricted.
  • Use to heal ligaments and tendons, including stiffness and pain related to rheumatism.

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