Rinchen Precious Jewel Pill | Yu-Nying-25 - Precious Old Turquoise | Liver & Gall Bladder tonic, Hangovers

YU-NYING-25  - Precious Old Turquoise-25
Tibetan Medicine Pill

These precious pills are made according to the Gyud Dzi and contain 25 ingredients - old turquoise, corals, pearls, and healing herbs. Many prayers were offered while the pills were being prepared. - old turquoise, corals, pearls, healing herbs. Old Turquoise is a special detox pill for the "cold nature." They are effective for all disorders of the liver and gallbladder - cirrhosis, hepatitis (A, B, C), pain, enlargement of the liver, hepatomegaly, lascites, liver cyst, cholecystitis, weight loss due to liver disease, when the nerves of the liver are destroyed and blurred vision. This antidote pill helps relieve pressure in the upper body, headaches associated with pressure, nosebleeds, and loss of appetite due to stomach disorders. The pill restores the liver damaged by excessive alcohol consumption. Taking this pill for a long time to treat chronic diseases, it is often suggested to take the Tso-Tru Dhasel pill - The Great Crystal Moon Pill.

Hepatomegaly, liver cirrhosis, ascites, liver cyst, cholecystitis, bleeding and redness of the eyes, and blurred vision. It reduces fever, relieves poisoning, cleanses the liver and kidneys, improves the functions of the liver and gallbladder, and has an antihemorrhagic effect (promotes hemostasis).

This precious pill consists of 25 ingredients. It is prepared mainly from old turquoise, corals, and pearls, which are purified of their toxic contents. Other constituents include Crocus sativus Linn, the three myrobalans, two types of sandalwood, Eugenia caryophyllata (thumb), Saxicus marg, and Adhatoda vasica. 

Before bed, crush one pill into a cup and add about 4oz of hot boiled water. Then, cover the cup with a clean cloth and leave it to stand overnight.   

In the early morning, add the same amount of hot water to the cup, stir the mixture in the cup with a non-metal utensil, and then drink the contents. Follow this by drinking a cup of comfortably hot water. Before, during, and after taking medicine, the tradition is to repeat the mantra of the medicine Buddha.

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