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Tibetan Pharmacy | Pang Tzi 12 | A Medicinal Myrobalan formula | 30 pills

Use & Action
This formula is deeply healing to all organs and humours and it's main ingredient is myrobalan, the plant the Medicine Buddha is holding in his hand and in his medicine bowl seen in all pictures of the Medicine Buddha. Myrobalan is considered the King of healing plants in the Tibetan healing traditions and is the main ingredient among the 12 botanicals in this formula. It works to remove toxins from the blood and organs and general toxic heat. It supports the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart and brain and the symptoms it is used for range from arthritis, bone disease, diabetes to cancer and other wasting diseases, the list of symptoms and diseases this formula addresses is long. It is being used in this protocol to protect against development of infectious environments within the organs and blood and to help remove bheygan accumulation in the kidneys.
Traditional use: 2-3 pills, one to three times a day as needed. Take with warm water.