Golden Eagle | Respiratory Relief & Clear Easy Breathing | CBD Enhanced

  • Science-backed, researched ingredients work to detoxify, restore, and nurture lung functions, revitalizing your respiratory system and enhancing oxygen absorption.
  • Balanced formulation to clear excess mucus, effective for both dry and wet conditions.
  • Formulated to combat various respiratory ailments, allowing you to breathe more easily.
  • Bolsters your immune, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, circulatory, and cardiovascular systems.
  • Restores functional lung chi while empowering body systems to fight off pathogens and maintain optimal health.


  • Ideal for combating upper respiratory tract infections, wheezing, and coughs, including bronchitis, pneumonia, and pleurisy.
  • The blend of botanicals in Golden Eagle is recognized to alleviate the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis and smoker's cough and supports those living with COPD.
During chronic or acute conditions, take one dropper (ml) up to four times daily, four hours apart. For maintenance, use one to two droppers in 4 oz of hot water and drink. Follow with eight ounces of water.

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