Detox SETI | Cellular Cleansing | CBD Enhanced

  • Detox SETI naturally aids your body’s detoxification processes, allowing your cells, organs, and bloodstream to eliminate unwanted chemicals and toxins.
  • With natural antibacterial and antiviral ingredients, it boosts immune function, fortifying your body's defense system and contributing to overall well-being.
  • It helps enhance bone health.
  • Detox SETI provides excellent support during addiction recovery, promoting detox, relaxation, and improved health outcomes.


  • Use Detox SETI anytime to energize and revitalize your cells by helping them detox.
  • Great for people detoxing from drug use or periods of high stress or toxicity.
  • Take advantage of Detox SETI during seasonal transitions, as it helps your body adapt and cleanse more efficiently, preparing you for the upcoming season.

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