Pet Balance SETI | Preventative Care for Happy and Healthy Pets

  • Helps your pets feel their best and age gracefully, continuing to thrive and enjoy every moment with their loving family
  • Infused with potent plant terpenes known for their health-promoting properties.
  • Safe and Non-Habit Forming: Crafted to be gentle, offering support without dependency.
  • Includes Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for omega-3 fatty acids and a taste your pet will love.


  • Use Pet Balance SETI to help maintain your pet’s overall well-being, ensuring they're always at their best.
  • If you've started to notice signs of aging in your pet, like decreased energy or increased restlessness, incorporating Pet Balance SETI can support their journey into their golden years with balance and ease.
  • Living in a bustling urban environment with noise, pollution, and frequent disruptions? Pet Balance SETI can help your pet cope better with these daily stressors.


The dosage is 5 mg for every 25 lbs. of body weight. For example, a 5 mg dose for a 25 lb. pet. This is .5 mL from a one or 4-oz bottle or .25 mL from an 8-oz bottle.
Use the provided dropper to administer the recommended dose based on your pet's weight.
Mix with their favorite food or administer directly into the corner of your pet’s mouth.
Use one to four times per day.
Do not use if your pet’s liver is compromised. If your pet is on medication, check with your vet for potential interactions before administering CBD.

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