EtheriOm | Boost Energy and Vitality | CBD Enhanced

The natural characteristics of EtheriOm's tinctured infusion are in themselves an inspired life force holding an electrolytic and electromagnetic charge that is combined with vibrant terpene signatures and ORMUS. Together, they ignite a synergy of chi forces that becomes a catalyst of highly charged vibrational energy, empowering and energizing every cell and system of your body. 

We call this special infusion EtheriOm.

  • An expertly crafted blend of ORMUS monoatomic gold liquid and CBD.
  • Formulated to boost energy levels and enhance vitality.
  • Enhances mental clarity and awareness.
  • Infused with the ethereal energy of high-frequency music and sacred Tibetan healing mantras.
  • Made using age-old alchemical techniques in a USA lab.


  • EtheriOM is ideally suited for improving mental clarity, focus, and concentration
  • Particularly beneficial for adults dealing with ADHD
  • Use EtheriOM to enhance your energy levels throughout the day

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