Focus Tincture Collection

Optimal Focus can be fleeting in a world filled with automation and advanced advertising methods it can be hard to focus on what matters. CBD has a powerful balancing effect in our brain chemistry. Terpenes have their own host of benefits for cognitive function. A-pinene and b-pinene are well known to help with focus and energy. Caryophyllene binds to the same receptors as CBD and is a powerful partner in the entourage of effects offered from a full spectrum CBD product. Certified Organic Hemp CBD products in combination with Jampha Focus Synergy Enhanced Terpene profile's offer a plant-based natural alternative to other focus and energy aids.

Terpenes are plant extracts with powerful properties. We encourage you to research terpenes and cannabinoids and their interaction together causing the entourage effect. 

Focus SET
Delta 3 Carene

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