RoseGold Monatomic Gold Emotional Support Auric Mist

Every day our energy fields are bombarded with frequencies, thoughts, emotions, and intentions of other Beings, an accumulation of discordant energy often needs to be released. RoseGold brings energetic support to our body's natural physical and spiritual protective functions. Offering subtle, powerful support on our Journey back into alignment with our own inner knowing and peace. 

Jampha's alchemically derived ORMUS is created using powerful intentions of Healing, and Loving Kindness, creating a sure foundation that love may once again become the single unifying factor for all beings of all faiths to live in peace, love, and abundance together on our home Gaia (Earth).

Jampha RoseGold exists to support our personal connections to our higher selves and on our individual and collective paths to becoming our greatest versions. 

(Bulgarian) Organic Rosa Damascena Hydrosol (Rose Water), Monoatomic Gold ORMUS, Mount Ida Arkansas Mountain Valley Spring Water, 528 Solfeggio


Spray around the entire auric field or specific chakra points morning and evening, as well as after stressful or draining happenings. 

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