RoseGold ORMUS Auric Mist | Cleanses our Electromagnetic Field Energy (Aura), Enhancing it with Charged Pranic Auric Vitality

  • Cleanses our electromagnetic field energy (aura), Enhancing it with Charged Pranic Auric Vitality
  • Navigate through your day while maintaining a connection to your higher vibratory frequencies and keeping your auric field clear.
  • Includes monoatomic gold (ORMUS) crafted through Jampha's advanced Fibonacci enhanced nucleation process.
  • An easy way to refresh and energize at the same time.
  • Promotes balance, clarity, and vitality.


  • Spray around the entire auric body field or specific chakra points.
  • Use morning and evening or after stressful or draining experiences.
  • Spray in a room to dissolve and remove negative energy.

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