Relieve Lotion Chronic Pain Relief

Managing long-term pain and inflammation can be challenging for anyone. Even with modern medicine, finding a safe, natural, and effective option is not so easy. That’s why we developed Relieve Topical, the deeply penetrating lotion that offers plant-based, long-term relief for the pain and inflammation caused by arthritic conditions, as well as injured joints, muscles, and bones.

Relieve Topical is crafted with carefully sourced botanicals suitable for long-term pain management. Each all-natural ingredient is chosen for its remarkable pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

DMSO allows our botanical extracts to penetrate deeply through your skin, targeting the root causes of pain and inflammation. Experience the soothing power of nature and find the relief you've been searching for without compromise.

Organic Hemp Lotion*, Synergy Enhanced Terpenes, DMSO, and Botanical Extracts.

A-Pinene* B-Pinene* B-Caryophyllene* D-Limonene* Myrcene* Terpinolene*

Geranium * German Chamomile * Lavender * Peppermint * Comfrey * Eucalyptus * Rosemary * Tea Tree* Ylang Ylang * Frankincense


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