White Elephant | Enhance Cognitive Abilities and Protect Your Brain | CBD Enhanced

  • A research-backed blend of adaptogen and nootropic herbs synergize to enhance cognitive function and nourish your brain.
  • Defends against cognitive decline associated with aging.
  • Reduces brain fog and promotes focus, alertness, and mental clarity.
  • Supports the formation of new synaptic connections, fostering an adaptive mind.
  • Infused with CBD, known for its potential to improve memory function and protect the brain from damage.


  • White Elephant is excellent support for your brain when you need focus, clarity, and alertness
  • Ideal for nourishing the brain and combatting the cognitive decline associated with aging.
  • If you are on medication with a grapefruit warning, try our White Elephant Tibetan Infusion without CBD.
  • For optimal results, incorporate White Elephant into your regular wellness routine.

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