Turquoise Dragon - A Broad Spectrum Anti-biotic - NON CBD

Turquoise Dragon was created to deliver a powerhouse response in combating infections, both viral and bacterial. Functioning as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, it is effective in combating infections caused by various types of pathogenic bacteria.

The functions of this formula far exceed fighting infections. TD is also designed to nurture and protect white blood cells, detoxify blood and organs, dispel the lingering effects of a virus, and aid in the recovery from unwanted toxins and side effects caused by vaccines. The biomedical applications also include liver & gallbladder disease, arthritis, heart disease, immune deficiencies, respiratory infections, diseases of the organs of the gut, and numerous infectious pathologies.

Organic MCT oil, Synergy Enhanced Terpenes, and Botanicals


𝛃-Caryophyllene * 𝛂-Phellandrene * Limonene * 𝛂-Pinene * 𝛃-Pinene * Linalool * Ocimene * Myrcene * Delta 3-Carene * Geraniol * Terpinolene * Para-Cymene
* Sabinene


Shake for 90 seconds before use, take 1-3 times daily. Use ½-1 dropper, hold under tongue for 60 seconds then swallow. Take with 4oz of water. 

During an acute infection, take one dropper, four times a day, about three to four hours apart until symptoms subside. Then reduce the dosage to one dropper, twice a day, for three to five more days to clear the infection. When used as maintenance for protection against flu viruses and other pathogens, use one dropper once in the morning followed by 8oz of warm water.  


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