Sleep S.E.T.I. Powerful Sleep Aid, Non Habit Forming and All Natural

Sleep SETI is a blend of terpenes specifically formulated to promote relaxation, sedation, and a restful night's sleep. Adequate sleep is essential for overall health and well-being, allowing the body to heal, rest, and rejuvenate. Poor sleep can negatively impact various aspects of life and may contribute to chronic health issues. The terpenes in Sleep SETI are selected for their potential benefits in promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality.

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Extract, Organic Coconut derived MCT oil, Organic Synergy Enhanced Terpenes

gamma-Terpinene * Terpineol * Myrcene * Valencene * Linalool * beta-Pinene * Geraniol * alpha-Bisabolol * Citral * beta-Caryophyllene * 

Take 1-3 times daily. Use ½-1 dropper, hold under tongue for 90 seconds then swallow. Take with 4oz of water. 

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