Diamond Lignum Vitae | Igniting Male & Female Libido | Chi Charged Water Based Infusion

Boost libido and improve blood flow and oxygenation with this 100% natural herbal formula. This masterful infusion boosts energy and balance by feeding the cells and stimulating the flow of vital chi.

For both men and women, Diamond Lignum Vitae ignites sexual energy, balances hormones, and boosts vitality and stamina naturally without unwanted side effects. 

  • Supports men’s performance and stamina
  • Enhances women’s desire and lubrication
  • Promotes hormone balance at any age
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Supports the adrenals, kidneys, lungs, liver, and heart
  • Supports nervous system and brain function
  • Helps fertility
  • Alkalizes the body

Guarana, Horny Goat Weed, Siberian Ginseng, and Muira Puama

  • A potent formula to balance your hormones or boost overall energy, mood, or stamina
  • An excellent all-natural alternative to phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, free of unwanted side effects.

  • Formulated by a Tibetan Medicine Practitioner and Lineage Holder with over 50 years of experience
  • Potent liquid herbal infusion
  • Made in the USA from carefully sourced plants
  • Suspended in mineral water from Mount Ida, Arkansas
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Crystal Charged Arkansas Mineral Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Guarana, Mucuna, Muira Puama, Horny Goat weed, Siberian Ginseng, Quercetin extract, Cnidium extract, Tongkat Ali extract, Clavo Huasca, Tynanthus Panurensis Rt., and other rare and precious Botanicals, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene 

Shake for 30 seconds before use. Take 1 dropper 1-3 times per day. Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Follow with 4 oz of water.

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