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Balance pH Topical


The organic terpenes and essential oils for Jampha Balance pH have been chosen due to their use all over the world for their balancing properties, not just for the skin but also many of the bodily systems that support the skin and its radiant health. Skin conditions and scar tissue are often lived with because effective tools for balancing these challenges are hard to find and often expensive. In support of the homeostasis that CBD generally is recognized to promote in the body, this essential oil and terpene profile has been developed to support the healing of many skin conditions.


Proprietary Non-GMO Organic Terpene profiles developed using shamanistic plant knowledge and scientific expertise make Jampha a stand out unique CBD company enhancing the synergistic power of plant extracts. Terpenes nature’s perfect system of checks and balances.

Jampha Topicals are made using Organic certified Industrial Hemp Full Spectrum Distillate. These unique proprietary terpene and essential oil profiles have been formulated with hemp lotion to offer a formidable topical made to target the imbalances that cause many of the day-day and aches and pains and conditions that we seem to be dealing with more and more. Jampha has been created with loving-kindness to offer plant-based alternatives to harmful chemical treatments and medicines.

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Face & Body Base Lotion, Organic Synergy Enhanced Terpenes and Essential Oils 

Synergy Enhanced Terpenes
Delta 3-Carene
Synergy Enhanced Essential Oils
Tea Tree
Blue Yarrow
German Chamomile
Blue Tansy
Carrot Seed
Ylang Ylang

Jampha topicals are available in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2500mg sizes. Each size has 5mg of CBD per mL and 12.5mg Synergy Enhanced Terpenes and Essential Oils.

250mg CBD

Size 50mL (2oz)

5mg per serving

12.5mg/2.5mL serving size

20 servings per jar

500 mg CBD

Size 100 mL (4OZ)

5 mg per mL

12.5 mg/2.5 mL serving size

40 servings per jar

1000 mg CBD 

Size 200 mL (8OZ)

5 mg per mL

12.5 mg/2.5 mL serving size

80 servings per jar

2500 mg CBD 

Size 500 mL (16OZ)

5 mg per mL

12.5 mg/2.5 mL serving size 

200 servings per jar

Use 1-4 times per day as needed.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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