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900mg S.E.T.I. Collection 30mg per mL

900mg 30mL (1OZ) CBD Infusion (30mg per mL)

  • Organic full-plant Industrial Hemp Full-Spectrum extract
  • Contains 900 mg of CBD per bottle (30 mg per mL
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, mycotoxins, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.3% THC)

  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract, MCT oil, Non-GMO Organic Terpenes 

    Take 1-3 times daily. Use ½-1 dropper, wait 60 seconds while holding under the tongue, and swallow. Take with or after food with 4-8 oz of water. 
     When looking for a full spectrum CBD Infusion, there are indeed few that will actively seek out a "smaller" amount -- even if such an amount may offer tremendous wellness benefits. When it comes to starting the use of CBD in your daily routine most experts agree a smaller dose to start is wise. This allows you to accurately gauge what works for you over time. 30mg is our intermediate dosage and a great place to start. This size is the general dose size used by the majority of CBD brands.

    900mg S.E.T.I. size offers a 30mg per mL serving size (one dropper) with 30 doses per bottle. This is a traveling favorite and great size to keep in the office or the car. 

    Offering 7 proprietary, synergistic terpene profiles. This 30mg mid-range potency option is effective for a wide range of circumstances. 900mg size comes with a measured dropper to ensure you can accurately dispense the right amount of CBD.

    All Jampha products contain organic natural terpenes synergistically blended to offer unique and targeted entourage effects. What sets Jampha apart is our advanced terpene knowledge and experience in creating botanical infusions of cannabinoids and terpenes that are second to none. Terpenes are key, in addition to our Full Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Distillate, to formulate every product.

    Jampha offers not only high-quality solvent-free full-spectrum hemp distillate but also dependability and a product you can trust, 3rd party tested every step of the way. 

    Certificate of Analysis 
    We continually test our products for accuracy, cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, mycotoxins, microbial and heavy metals. We will not formulate any products unless our extract is pesticide-free, mycotoxin free, heavy metal-free, and contaminant-free. We only use 100% certified organic full-plant Industrial hemp extract. Don’t risk your health; buy with third-party testing guarantees showing your CBD products are clean and untainted. 

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