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New research shows CBD is a powerful natural treatment or covid-19. Every cell in your body needs oxygen to live. Your lungs bring in the oxygen that is crucial for survival. However, their function does not stop there. They are also the first line of immune defense.

Of all the sites of the body subject to pathogens, the lungs represent a special challenge. Everyone has to breathe to survive, but the air around us carries invisible debris. If an airborne virus or bacteria could shut our lungs down, even temporarily, we would die. Fortunately, lungs are armed with critical defensive abilities.

How Our Lungs Defend Us

Thin epithelial cells inside your lungs secrete mucus that does two things. It keeps your airways moist and traps unwanted inhaled particles. Small hairs along the inside of the lungs constantly beat upwards to remove unwanted trapped debris. The particles rise to the throat and are either coughed out or swallowed and destroyed in the gut. The removal of this debris is an essential step in protecting the respiratory system from infections.

The lung's epithelial linings also contain macrophages, which are specialized white blood cells. As part of your immune system, macrophages can engulf and destroy foreign particles in the lungs.

Strong and healthy lungs work with the immune system to defend us from infection and keep our cells oxygenated and happy.

Formulated to Support Your Lungs

The Breathe Tincture Collection is formulated to target healthy lung function. Here is how each carefully selected terpene benefits your lungs and supports your immune system.

Alpha and Beta-Pinene

Pinene is the potent monoterpene that supplies pine needles with their fresh scent. Studies show that alpha and beta-pinene reduce antibiotic resistance, fight bacteria, kill fungus, reduce inflammation, and inhibit lung cancer cells.

Pinene also increases airflow to the lungs, gives some patients asthma relief, and can reduce allergy symptoms like a runny nose or itchy eyes.


Found in bay leaves, sage, and cannabis, pungent eucalyptol supports a robust immune system by killing bacteria and fungus inside the body.

It also powerfully supports your lungs. Seventy-five percent of bronchial asthma patients who were dependent on steroids could reduce steroid use through long-term therapy with eucalyptol. Chronic steroid use can cause side effects, so a plant-based therapy is a desirable alternative.

Eucalyptol shows promise to treat multiple respiratory conditions, and its potential is still under study.


With a long and growing list of benefits, limonene is a powerful and well-known terpene that kills viruses and bacteria throughout the body.

Studies show limonene can enhance the innate immune response and strengthen the immune system against attack. It also increased the survival of lymphoma-bearing mice.

Limonene helps heal the stomach's mucus lining and may act similarly in the lungs.


Sweet and citrusy para-cymene supports the immune system as an antioxidantanti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. It helps repair cells, reduce inflammation, and kill bacteria.

Emphysema reduces lung capacity, permanently damaging crucial lung sacks, and even creates holes in the lower lungs. There is no cure for emphysema, so efforts are focused on slowing the progression of the disease. Studies show p-cymene reduces lung emphysema and inflammation.


Citral enhances immune function by killing bacteria. It suppresses the growth of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, fungi, and other hazardous microbes. It also fights inflammation.

Studies on lung cancer found that citral suppresses small-cell lung cancer cells, both alone and in combination with chemotherapy.

Candida is a fungus that commonly overgrows in the intestinal tract due to processed foods, coffee, alcohol, and antibiotics. It can be difficult to kill once established. Left unchecked, candida can travel into the lungs and cause pneumonia. Citral and geraniol both prove effective against candida infection.


Rose-scented geraniol kills viruses, bacteriaand fungus. It reduces inflammation and supports immune function as an antioxidant.

Geraniol not only fights several types of cancer, including lung cancer, it also improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. Studies also indicate it has potent anti-tumor properties with no damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


Since it's easily absorbed through the skin, aromatic camphor is frequently used in creams and lotions designed to provide topical pain relief and reduce inflammation.

Camphor relieves respiratory congestion. It is used as a cough suppressant. When combined with water, camphor forms a protective layer over the upper respiratory lining, which reduces irritation.


Pulegone is an antioxidant and supports immune function by suppressing allergic and inflammation responses.

It also works as an antihistamine to reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions, including nasal congestion, sneezing, or hives.


Plants containing a-phellandrene, like turmeric leaves, have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat fungal and bacterial infections, reduce phlegm, and increase energy.

A-phellandrene is an effective anti-fungal that tears down the integrity of the fungal cell membrane. It also enhances immune function and may protect the lungs from cancer.


B-caryophyllene is an effective anti-bacterial and is useful against the airborne bacteria Streptococcal.  It fights inflammation and increases the speed of cell healing.

Healthy Lungs Support a Healthy Body

Lungs are often our first defense against disease. A strong and healthy immune system supports lung function and keeps our cells oxygenated.

Jampha Breathe CBD Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusion (SETI) combines Certified Organic Hemp and a potent entourage of terpenes.

The air we breathe is only about 21 percent oxygen.  The rest is comprised of gasses like nitrogen and carbon dioxide and airborne debris like dust and pathogens. A strong and healthy lungs and immune system are the best defense we have against an invisible and silent enemy.

Jampha products integrate advanced plant knowledge as taught by the Medicine Buddha and the Sowa Rigpa Tibetan Spiritual System for Healing mind, body and spirit. 

Addressing the complexities of the lungs' imbalances requires insight and experience to create a formula to effectively transform simple and complex disorders affecting the lungs and their peripheral support systems.


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