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Tibetan Buddhist Sowa Rigpa is the name of the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices that include lifestyle awareness, meditation, holistic use of foods and plants for health and wellbeing. Sowa is translated as “nourishment” and Rigpa as “awareness”, giving “nourishment of awareness” seeking the real causes of all suffering and dis-ease, both physical and mental and to relieve that suffering Sowa is “healing” and Rigpa as “science”, resulting in a Buddhist spiritual practice of the “science of healing” and is inclusive of plants as healing food to regulate and support our physical and spiritual body.

Tenets of Tibetan Buddhist Sowa Rigpa teach practices of right livelihood (ways to thrive without causing harm to Gaia or each other), right humoural selection of foods and plants according to the persons humoral characteristics for creating the best health conditions, eating in season to help secure balance and healing in the body and mind. Meditation and living a holistic lifestyle in balance with the seasons are a basic part of Tibetan Buddhist practices of Sowa Rigpa taught by the Medicine Buddha.
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Jeanne Kreider
Jeanne Kreider

February 17, 2023

I am always inspired by these blogs and all I am learning from them.
Thank you to all of you

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