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Whether from worry, non-stop activity in a busy life, or PTSD, stress and anxiety put our mind and body in overdrive.  Short-term stress gives us the boost of energy we need to meet a deadline or respond to an emergency, but chronic and long-term anxiety can wear down the body's organs and systems and make us vulnerable to illness and disease.

Jampha's Calm SETI (Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusions) enhances CBD's anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties with an entourage of carefully selected plant terpenes. Since the endocannabinoid system regulates the body's organs and systems, plant molecules that interact with it like CBD and terpenes help your body release chronic tension and fight free radicals on a cellular level.

Below find out how the eight terpenes in our Calm SETI formula soothe mental and emotional distress and help your body heal and prevent damage from stress.

What Stress Does to the Human Body

Your body's emergency response system activates all your essential systems. Stress isn't isolated to your heart or lungs – everything is impacted. According to Healthline, stress can affect your body by:

  • Triggering headaches
  • Increasing depression
  • Intensifying heartburn
  • Causing insomnia
  • Increasing heart rate and blood pressure
  • Raising blood sugar (as the liver releases extra glucose into the bloodstream)
  • Decreasing fertility
  • Causing nausea, stomachaches, or other digestive problems
  • Lowering sex drive, causing erectile issues, or missed periods
  • Increasing back and neck aches/muscle tension

    In today's world, stress is hard to avoid. The best we can do is manage it well. When you protect your cells from anxiety, you support all of your body's most essential functions.

    Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusions


    The terpene nerolidol's sedative properties were first documented in 1972, and that's not the only way it brings stress relief.

    Over time, multiple studies have shown stress increases inflammation, which is a precursor to common killers, including cancer and heart disease. Nerolidol decreases inflammation.

    It's also an antioxidant, which supports heart health and helps the body fight the biochemical changes resulting from stress.


    Myrcene works as a sedative and muscle relaxant with an application to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. At higher doses, studies show it reduces anxiety.

    As part of the Jampha CBD Calm Collection, myrcene also fights stress by reducing inflammation throughout the body.

    It helps regulate blood sugar and has been used as a treatment for diabetes.


    B-caryophyllene is one of few terpenes that directly activates the CB2 endocannabinoid receptor, which means it produces multiple behavioral changes relevant to anxiety and depression. It not only reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression but also contributes to changes in behavior.

    Medical studies show it fights inflammation, adding to the stress-fighting entourage effect of our Calm tincture.


    Linalool is well known for its sedative properties. Abundant in cannabis and hemp; it's also the primary terpene in lavender. If you've ever inhaled lavender plant or essential oil, you've absorbed a few molecules of soothing linalool.

    Linalool is an essential component of our Calm SETI because it:


      Citral helps soothe stress on several levels. It is an effective sedative with anxiety-relieving properties.

      To assist your body with the side effects of chronic stress, citral improves metabolic rates and helps manage your blood sugar.

      It also works as an anti-inflammatory to assist CBD and the other anti-inflammatory terpenes.


      Terpineol is part of the entourage of sedative terpenes in the Calm tinctures. Studies show it can reduce withdrawal symptoms during addiction recovery.

      Terpineol helps the body recover from chronic stress symptoms by killing cancerous cells and protecting the digestive system from acid damage.


      A-bisabolol is one of the primary terpenes in chamomile and is responsible for a sedative effect that is particularly mentally calming.

      A-bisabolol also adds to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of the Calm tinctures.


      Found abundantly in hemp and the peel of Valencia oranges, valencene is a calming, citrusy terpene that fights stress by reducing inflammation.

      It also reduces the severity of an allergic reaction and has healing benefits for your skin.

      Relieve Stress, Reduce Anxiety and Improve Your Health

      Stress is unavoidable, and anxiety is a problem for at least 20 percent of the population. However, by managing stress, you minimize its effects on your mental and physical health well-being.

      In addition to Jampha CBD SETI (also available without CBD), great tools to manage stress include:

      • Regular physical exercise
      • Sufficient REM sleep
      • A healthy social support network

      Jampha products are created using advanced plant knowledge according to the practices of Tibetan Sowa Rigpa and the Medicine Buddha.  

      Traditional Tibetan Botanical Pills sourced from Buddhist Medical Monasteries are powerful natural support for the body to deal with stress and anxiety. 


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