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Shungite is a rare, ancient stone that scientists have found protects against pollutants, free radicals, harmful germs, and electromagnetic fields (EMF) like 5G and radiation.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is often called a mineral, but it is really a hydrocarbon-based rock. It is found in abundance in its purest form in only one place globally – Karelia – which is partly in Russia and partly in Finland. Its name comes from the village where it was found, Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia.

Composed 98% of carbon, shungite is black. It can have infusions of brown, grey, or gold colors but the bulk of the stone is an intense black color.

Shungite Has a Unique Carbon Nanostructure

If you check most water filtration systems, you will see that carbon is often used to purify water. Activated charcoal (carbon) is known to draw toxins out of the body and skin for improved kidney, digestive, and skin health. Toothpaste with activated carbon has been popular recently for its stain-removing properties; even Colgate sells some.

What makes shungite unique is the composition of carbon atoms inside the stone. Carbon atoms link together in groups of sixty to form three-dimensional hollow spherical molecules called fullerenes.

It is this carbon nanostructure (CNS) that gives shungite stone its remarkable properties. It also makes it able to conduct electricity!

Peter the Great's Shungite Spa

Peter the Great was a 17th-century Russian czar who brought reforms and western ideas to Russia.

The stories differ depending on where you read them, but they all agree that Peter's great grandmother had been exiled to Karelia, where she was cured of an illness by visiting a shungite spring.  

In the early 1700's Peter opened a copper mine. Workers were getting very sick from copper poisoning. One worker used the 'living water' from the shungite springs to recover in three days. This sparked renewed interest in the water, which became a source of healing for Peter, his soldiers, and many other people.

Peter had every Russian soldier carry a piece of shungite stone to purify water and assist with wound healing.

Today in Russia, shungite water is renowned for healing wounds, burns, skin diseases, curing allergies, stomatitis (an inflamed and sore mouth), and periodontitis (infected gums).

Modern Research and Shungite Stone

The detoxifying benefits of regular carbon are well-established, but the healing and protective properties of shungite exceed ordinary carbon because of its unusual 60-atom fullerene CNS.

Shungite's Carbon Nanostructure Kills Bacteria and Viruses

A 2017 review of studies reports that CNSs destroy harmful pathogens by damaging the cell walls of bacteria and viruses.

CNSs kill microbes by robbing them of electrons.

Shungite Removes Pesticides and Radioactive Compounds from Water

Studies have shown that shungite removes contaminants and organic substances like pesticides from water.

A 2017 study also showed shungite can remove radioactive compounds from water. This is remarkable because without shungite's unique carbon structure, it would take a combination of carbon filtration, ion-exchange water softening, AND reverse osmosis to remove radioactive compounds from water.

Shungite is an Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

A pre-clinical study found that skin damage and oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet radiation were healed by applying a shungite solution for seven days. This shows it has antioxidant properties to relieve oxidative stress.

Inflammatory markers also went down during the topical treatment.

Although additional research is needed to establish shungite's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the medical community, water infused with shungite has been traditional used to relieve:

  • kidney problems
  • liver problems
  • gallbladder issues allergies
  • sore throats
  • gastric issues
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • autoimmune disease
  • pancreatic dysfunction
  • chronic fatigue

    The findings make sense with these applications because antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties would help these conditions.

    Shungite Shields You from EMF Radiation

    Research found shungite offers protection from electromagnetic radiation.

    In the most commonly cited study, shungite shielding significantly decreased radiation damage. While more studies to confirm these findings should be done, the historical use of shungite combined with the remarkable initial results indicate it likely will stand up to further investigation.

    Both shungite jewelry and infused water are natural ways to minimize and lessen the effects of radiation. 

    Jampha's White Elephant Infusion assists internally for EMF remediation. 

    Stay Tuned for Jampha Products Using Shungite

    At Jampha, we like to stay on the cutting edge of health and healing. Shungite is not new – the shungite stones found in Karelia are thought to be two billion years old – but it is just reaching the west. With concerns increasing about radiation and 5G exposure, we will be incorporating shungite into some products. Stay tuned!

    If you want to purchase some shungite for protection or to purify water, make sure it is real. Not all black stones are equal! Real shungite will be deep black with lines of brown, grey, or gold. It will also conduct electricity.

    Shungite is a stable substance and does not stop working with repeated use. Unlike a carbon water filter that absorbs the toxins and needs to be replaced to keep working, shungite can purify water indefinitely. Experts recommend setting the stones out in the sun for a day once a month.

    As the world is more connected, the ancient wisdom of the past is coming back to life. Modern scientific methods give us surprising insights into how miracle cures from history actually work.  Russia's 'living water' legend has led us to a stone with properties that protect us in a technological world.


    Maitreya Loving-Kindness 


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