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The Tibetan Sowa Rigpa healing tradition has many spiritual practices that are generated to charge healing energy into the pill medicines. Tibetan pills are considered medicinal and spiritual food made from combinations of natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals, gems, and precious substances. In their making, they are charged with spiritual blessings generated by many Tibetan Lama’s and are considered spiritual medicines.

Two types of Tibetan pill medicines have been formulated and tested over the centuries to treat over 400 common diseases like cold, influenza, gout, DM, hepatitis, high altitude polycythemia, cholestasis, ascites, gastritis, liver diseases, lung and kidney diseases, cholecystitis, arthritis and rheumatism and many more and have between 10 and 30 ingredients.

There are also more potent Tibetan pill medicines called Rinchen Rilbu (precious pills) that treat what was then uncommon and more serious diseases such as cancers, diabetes, malignant tumors, neuropathy, seizures, epilepsy, poisoning, strokes, and many others, that in these moderns have now become more common. These precious Rinchen Rilbu medicines contain between 30 and 160 ingredients, including jewels such as purified garnet, turquoise, coral, sapphire, diamonds, rubies, and amber. Mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, conch shell, and precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and iron. The Rinchen Rilbu have also been regarded as protecting from epidemics. Even a healthy person can take Rinchen Rilbu for protection against all listed diseases.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said that they are very powerful in blessing the body, the chakras, and of course, the mind. If the pills are kept well, with good samaya, these pills have been known to have self-generating activities meaning they increase in potency and have been known to multiply. The spiritual potency is unmatched by anything western medicine can comprehend. 

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