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Medicine made from botanicals is only as potent as the plants used to extract it. Just as an apple eaten right off the tree has a sweeter, fresher taste than one languishing on the shelf in a plastic bag, the hemp that creates your CBD impacts its effect on your body.

At Jampha, we have always carefully sourced US-grown organic hemp. Our CBD and Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusions are derived from fresh plants raised in quality soil with care, so our products deliver the best possible benefits to you.

Recently, we decided to maximize what our terpene-enhanced CBD oils and topicals can deliver. We are launching an organic hemp farm. The location is so exciting we couldn’t wait to share the news.

Mount Ida, Arkansas:

As you know, plants take in nutrients directly from the soil. The location of our new hemp farm near Mount Ida, Arkansas, is remarkable.
  • It is fed by pristine and mineral-rich thermal springs, known for their healing properties and revered by Native Americans from all over America. 
  • It is one of the world’s most abundant sources of natural crystal quartz
  • The area contains naturally-formed magnetic lodestones
  • Is the largest quartz crystal vein in the world stretching all the way to border with Mexico

The result is the cleanest and highest vibrational hemp for CBD and terpene extraction, exclusively available to you through Jampha.

The Quartz Grid:

Quartz and other crystals have been used in healing and to support plant growth throughout history. The benefits of quartz are not merely new-age optimism. Crystal is piezoelectric, which means it emits an electrical charge when squeezed or pressed.

That vibration people feel when holding a quartz crystal in their hand isn’t imaginary. It’s electricity! 
Because of its ability to hold and manage the flow of electricity, quartz is used in electronic devices. Watches, radios, computer chips, and clocks all use quartz. Cells in the human body and plants are electrical. All biological cells use electricity to communicate and function. Quartz benefits humans and plants by emitting electrical charges and directing the flow of electricity.

Shamans and other traditional healers who worked with crystals may not have understood the science behind it. Regardless, they could experience that quartz and other crystals helped the body generate new potentials and restore balance.

Quartz is considered one of the best crystals for gardening, promoting the healthy growth of plants. It also helps some plants resist pests and diseases.

Mount Ida, Arkansas, where our organic hemp farm is cultivated, is more than the home of a few quartz crystals. It is supported by an entire grid of this remarkable stone.

Mount Ida is known as the ‘Quartz Crystal Capital of the World.’ It is one of only three places in the world where such a quantity and quality of quartz can be found. The crystals are also high-quality. Many found there are free from inclusions and water clear.

For more information on crystals, their history, and the incredible healing potential they hold, check out this amazingly in-depth article:

Natural Silica:

Large deposits of crystals are rare, but quartz is common in nature and in our bodies in the form of a fine powder called silica. The composition of the earth's crust includes 59% silica. If you've ever walked along a white sandy beach, it's possible that silica was a major component of that sand.

The dirt in the Mount Ida area is rich with silica which is great for plants. Silica strengthens plant cell walls, improves nutrient absorption, guards against environmental stresses including pests and diseases, and protects against metal toxicities. Gardeners around the world purchase silica to add as a root feed or foliar spray, but our hemp farm is already fortified with it.

Silica is not only great for plants, it's vital to our health. It's a trace mineral that boosts collagen production. We naturally absorb silica when we consume leafy green vegetables, beets, bananas, beer, and oats. 
Studies show silica strengthens hair and nails and promotes youthful, firm skin. We are excited to produce hemp and CBD naturally rich in this critical nutrient. 

Mineral-Rich Thermal Waters:

The quartz grid and natural silica would be enough to get us excited about the location of our new hemp farm. It’s also the home of natural mineral springs.
Clean thermal waters natural to the area feed the soil of Mount Ida. The area is well-known for its lakes and hot springs.

People travel to visit the mineral-rich waters further down the mountain. Several resorts cater to individuals in search of rejuvenation and healing. You can find everything from wedding locations to wineries in the area. Our farm is 40 miles outside of the small Mount Ida town, a thriving arts community where visitors can come and mine their own quartz crystals from the mountain. Mount Ida’s Montgomery County includes the Ouachita National Forest and Lake Ouachita.

Assisted by Magnetic Lodestone:

Magnets are scientifically proven to benefit plant growth.

There are a few types of naturally occurring magnets or magnetite. Only lodestone possesses a north-south polarity. 
Magnetic lodestones are rare. The heat and pressure of the geological processes that produced quartz combined with electrical currents and mineral waters created magnetic lodestone in the Mount Ida area.

Plants have special cell proteins called cryptochromes that react to magnets and electricity. In several studies, the addition of magnets helped with germination and growth rate
Magnetism has a significant positive effect on plant growth. The addition of magnets in the surrounding soil cause plants to germinate faster, grow taller, and be healthier than the control groups.

None of the studies saw any adverse effects of magnetism on plants.

The earth has a natural north-south magnetic field. It is stronger in some areas of the planet than others, and the magnetic poles have changed over time. Researchers hypothesize that north-south polarized magnets near plants enhance or mimic the natural effects of the earth’s magnetism.

Finding New Ways to Deliver Life-Enhancing Benefits:

At Jampha, our interest in plant medicine began with a personal search for healing. Terpene-enhanced CBD brought benefits and restored balance to our lives, so we were inspired to share the tremendous power of plants with you.

Quality has always been our top priority. We know the caliber of each ingredient impacts the benefits each product delivers. 
When presented with an opportunity to farm hemp on the crystal grid of Mount Ida, where our plants would be nourished by silica, mineral springs, and natural magnetic lodestones, it seemed like an unsurpassable next step in our journey to deliver the best possible Organic Full Spectrum CBD.

If you have questions about any of our Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusions or topicals or are wondering which products will be best for you, feel free to contact us by live chat or telephone.

                                                 Maitreya Loving-Kindness

Disclaimer Notice: 
Because Tibetan treatments, therapies and medicine are not yet recognized, licensed, or regulated by the AMA or FDA or any US agency. This document is not to be construed as a diagnostic tool and/or that of prescribing medicines or therapies, it is for informational support only. Consult your doctor before taking any medications.

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