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Amchi Thubten brings Tibetan Pharmacy to Jampha and is the formulator for developing the unique collection of Tibetan tinctured plant infusions advancing the tradition of the Tibetan Art & Science of Sowa-Rigpa, traditionally how botanicals have been made and processed into plant medicines over the past centuries.

Amchi Thubten's unique process of igniting the live synergy of plant medicines healing qualities into an energized living vibratory expression is producing healing results faster than we have ever seen before. Jampha’s Tibetan Pharmacy Infusions deliver increased bio activity and are more bio absorbable than all other traditional forms of dried powdered plant medicines.

These synergy enhance liquid extract plant infusions contain unique compositions of plants, minerals, resins and terpenes and this unique entourage is rich in biologically active substances that restore, strengthen and empower our body, mind and spirit. 

For the first time in the history of plant extract medicine a complete energetic plant profile within a formulation is being presented that include the living terpene expressions of live plants lost in the traditional drying process of making pill and powdered medicines. The vibratory communication that plants express through their bio chemistry are delivered in their full energetic life force expression with a full spectrum profile now for the first time.

History of Amchi Thubten's concern for Terpenes
Jampha’s formulator Amchi Thubten saw back in the 1970’s when he was making plant medicines at Mens Tsee Khang the as practiced for centuries, that terpenes were lost when making dried herbal pills being produced in that traditional way and he knew that fresh plant energy was much more bioactive and nutrient dense than dried herb powders and pills traditionally used in making all medicines in all cultures and includes Tibetan medicine and how liquid tinctures were also being made in the West. He saw they lacked the vital living essence felt in live plants.  

Terpenes have been excluded from traditional Tibetan Medicine for Centuries  
For centuries because of processing methods, in fact terpenes never were even considered as crucial to the plants expression or noticed they were even being lost. Amchi Lekshe saw that loss of life force energy immediately when formulating medicines in his teens and again in McLeod Ganj, India at MTK and when making medicines with Tibetan Dr. Amala Lobsang Dolma. Amchi recognized that the terpenes were lost in the processing of the plants and that they are a major expression of the living healing spirit of plants and part of their function is to spark bio connective activity of the plants properties within the receptors of the body. 

In concert with Trinn Hatch, Amchi Thubten has finally been able to combine live terpenes to these special formulations and taken the energetics of plant medicine to a higher expression by adding the top notes to the botanicals that have always been lost in the drying plant process.

Further background of Amchi Thubten Lekshe
Amchi Thubten Lekshe has over 50 years experience in botanical research, formulation, clinical application and is a well trained lineage practitioner of the Tibetan Sowa-Rigpa tradition of Tibetan medicine since 1975 and since that time has been adjusting many of the ancient formulations using animal and bug parts and enhancing those formulas with the appropriate energetic botanical signatures keeping the traditional formula energetically intact and more suitable for modern day use.

While in the Himalaya’s in 1973 Amchi Lekshe recognized that traditional botanicals used to make Tibetan medicines were already being over harvested and traditional collection areas being ravaged. This concerned him greatly and he founded The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute of Tibetan Medicine to study, protect and preserve botanical areas and the botanicals used in Himalayan medicine. Areas for propagation were established in India, Nepal and Bhutan and high-altitude plantations for rare and over harvested medicinal plants. See Tanaduk.com for more information.

After meeting Trinn Hatch, founder of Jampha, a CBD/Terpene company, Amchi Thubten and Trinn Hatch saw a perfect alignment of shared interests in healing. Amchi Thubten brought his Tibetan Pharmacy company to Jampha and together they are delivering the most energetically alive plant medicines the world has ever seen.

Brief background of Trinn Hatch
Trinn Hatch was born into a multigenerational military family, protection was a natural career choice. Over ten years of service, he provided personal security to Olympians, Royalty, Diplomats, Executives, FDA Scientists and victims of human trafficking.

Trinn’s training and instincts prepared him to manage whatever the situation presented until one night in 2012. The assault took him by surprise and overpowered him. In a few brutal moments, his career and health were irreparably damaged.

His left leg was so severely broken the doctors weren’t sure they could save it. Trinn spent three months locked in an external fixator as they did surgery after surgery.

Pain, PTSD & Hopelessness
Trinn would live in pain and a revolving door of doctors never finding more than momentary relief and mixed information. The physical toll was tremendous but the emotional toll and PTSD Trinn had been diagnosed with became debilitating. Now taking more than 17 medications life was anything but balanced.

PTSD wasn’t new to Trinn. Growing up with military parents and grandparents and years of protecting veterans and their families had shown him the intense emotional toll war, violence, and trauma take on the psyche. However, seeing it from the outside hadn’t prepared him for the experience.

Trinn fell into helplessness and despair. He felt like a financial drain on his family, unable to support his mother in her time of need, and it was too much. Trinn hit rock bottom. In that low moment, it seemed easier to spare his family the burden he had become than to keep fighting.

A Heartfelt Plea for Help
His body seemed broken, and his spirit was losing hope. Desperate, he asked the Universe to show him how to heal himself naturally and entirely in body, mind, and soul. He promised the Universe that if he was shown how he would spend his life helping others to learn. 

Within two weeks of that moment, Trinn became aware of CBD and Terpenes and returned to work at a new medical cannabis dispensary just opening its doors.

CBD and Terpenes on the Path to Healing
CBD, Terpenes, and other remarkable plant molecules gave Trinn a more holistic view of his body and how nature can support it. He began to investigate and experiment with CBD and Terpenes for his own healing. It wasn't long before Trinn realized the power of terpenes was profound and began to use what was being learnt to support healing for himself.

Slowly and steadily, he was able to wean himself off of the 17 different medications over a 2 year period bit by bit, his head cleared from the pain-killer-induced fog, and his body expelled residual toxins. Healthy and with renewed gratitude for this precious human life Trinn would soon meet Carina and pour their love into the creation of Jampha together. 

A Higher Vibrational Approach to Business
A difference between JAMPHA and most companies is that Trinn and Carina had powerful, personal healing experiences before starting their business. Trinn’s desire to get off traditional medications inspired him to use terpenes and cannabinoids in combinations not available on the market. Carina avoided surgery on her ankle and has watched the products change her family members and loved ones exponentially.

In the spirit of delivering healing where it is most needed, JAMPHA’s approach to the market differs from the average company. Loving-kindness is at the core of everything they do. 

Ten percent or more of gross sales delivers botanical medicine to people facing health issues without the means to pay. Every product you buy provides someone in need with natural medicine for their healing journey.

Amchi Thubten Lekshe & Trinn Hatch
Realizing greater knowledge and wisdom was needed to help others heal and that CBD and Terpenes were just a few drops in the oceans of healing. Trinn & Wife Carina, co-founders of Jampha set a powerful intention and asked the Universe to bring forth a Master of botanical medicine to light Jampha’s path forward with greater wisdom and knowledge.

Within 2 weeks of and in direct answer to their heartfelt and prayerful request, Amchi Thubten Lekshe made contact and it was soon clear that the Universe had delivered many prayers at once.

Amchi La, is a renowned Tibetan medical Physician with 50 years of experience. Amchi trained with Tibet’s greatest medical minds, including his holiness the Dalai Lama and is now united with Jampha. Amchi fills many roles for the development of Jampha especially as our Spiritual Director, Lab Director and Master Formulator, combining decades of experience with many healing modalities, Amchi La has brought with him a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom into partnership with Jampha’s mission. Awakening the master healer within each of us and supporting well lit paths to healing of mind, body and spirit. Amchi Thubten with great love and vision has given the insight and wisdom needed to advance Jamphas expression of Loving Kindness following in the example of Maitreya (Tibetan translation-Jampha) Buddha of Loving Kindness.

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