Is CBD the Best Anti-Inflammatory?

September 01, 2020 0 Comments

Is CBD the Best Anti-Inflammatory?

Since its legalization for medical use in 2018, CBD impresses researchers with a variety of potential therapeutic applications. Epidiolex, a medication made from CBD reduces the frequency and duration of seizures in epileptic patients. Studies show full-spectrum CBD oil can aid in wellness from balancing mood disorders to fighting cancer.

The effects of CBD on inflammation are particularly remarkable. Multiple researchers have found CBD effective in controlling inflammation, both in patients with inflammatory diseases and on joint and muscle inflammation.

What is Inflammation and Why Does it Hurt?

Acute inflammation is a natural response to injury and infection. Vital to defending our cells against viruses and bacteria, inflammation signals the immune system's healing and repair of affected areas. Inflammation creates a barrier to stop the spread of damaging agents and disposes of cell debris and pathogens to set the stage for the healing process.

Even though inflammation is a normal response in a healthy body, you can have too much of a good thing. In today's fast-paced and chemical-rich world, stress and trauma-induced chronic inflammation is becoming an increasing health risk.  

It is the most significant cause of death worldwide. Three of five people die from chronic inflammatory diseases, including stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Studies link higher levels of inflammatory markers to an increased risk of cancer, depressed mood in older patients, and bowel disease.  Chronic inflammation in the joints contributes to both rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Don't stress, though! There are natural and proven things to do to reduce your inflammation. In addition to a full-spectrum CBD oil, diet and exercise play a substantial role in battling chronic inflammation and its related diseases.

Reducing Chronic Inflammation Supports Healing

Chronic inflammation is bad for health, but prescription anti-inflammatories are not a long-term solution. Prolonged use can have side effects from gas and bloat to increased risk of heart attacks.

Moreover, your body relies on its acute inflammation response to protect and defend the cells, preparing them for healing. Managing inflammation means allowing the healthy response while addressing chronic inflammation.

Fortunately, plant medicine provides simple and effective ways to reduce inflammation and promote healing with no side effects.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Chemicals inside and around us irritate and inflame our immune systems. The anti-inflammatory diet closely mirrors the Mediterranean diet, which is high in fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fatty fish, and healthy oils.

The anti-inflammatory diet minimizes processed meats, refined carbohydrates, sugary foods, margarine, and lard.

Whole and fresh foods like nuts, berries, and vegetables are high in natural antioxidants, and protective compounds called polyphenols. Heavily processed foods have more added chemicals and fewer of these helpful compounds.

CBD is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

CBD offers a plant-derived anti-inflammatory without the side effects of medications (NSAIDs). Balance is key to health, and CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. With receptors stretching from head to toe, the endocannabinoid system modulates appetite, energy balance, fertility, and metabolic functions.

Studies show CBD reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body, which lowers stress on your cells and creates an internal environment supportive of wellness and healing.

Aromatic Terpenes also Fight Inflammation

The terpenes extracted from hemp also play a significant role in fighting inflammation. Terpenes are aromatic oils that support CBD and bring health benefits of their own. Each organic CBD formula at Jampha includes targeted terpenes.

Using CBD for Maximum Effectiveness

Most of the studies cited looked at CBD's effects over a minimum of six weeks of daily application. If you add a high quality, organic CBD to your anti-inflammatory regime, you'll want to commit to a regular schedule for about three months.

Remember that removing inflammation includes flushing toxic debris through your bloodstream. At some point during the process, this may come with a temporary feeling of lethargy or irritability. Drink plenty of water, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, and make the flushing process as easy as possible.

Dosage for the FDA approved CBD based drug Epidiolex is:

  • Five milligrams per pound of body weight two times a day (total of 10 milligrams per day).
  • After one week, the dosage may be increased to 10 milligrams two times a day.

By this measure, a 150-pound person would take 750 milligrams twice a day. With Jampha Full-Spectrum Relieve CBD oil, that means .75 milliliters or the third line up on the included dropper. At Jampha, we recommend most people start with .5 milliliters twice a day and slowly titrate up to a comfortable dosage within the FDA recommendation for your weight.

When dosing any medication, including CBD, stay in the driver's seat, and listen to your body's feedback. Dry mouth, dizziness, or unusual drowsiness may be side effects of CBD and a good indication to reduce or suspend your dosage.

If you take prescription medication, check with your doctor for possible interactions before adding CBD to your regime.

Reduce Chronic Inflammation and Improve Your Health

Changes in lifestyle, including following a new wellness regime, can take practice. We are creatures of habit, and starting a new one takes courage and commitment. Luckily, some things are worth the effort. The benefits of addressing chronic inflammation include better health and longer life.



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