COVID-19 Cytokine Storms: CBD and Terpenes for Mitigation and Recovery

January 12, 2021 0 Comments

COVID-19 Cytokine Storms: CBD and Terpenes for Mitigation and Recovery

If you listen to the news or have read about COVID-19, you may have heard about cytokine storms. Cytokine storms are a side-effect of a virus, bacteria, or foreign substance that causes the immune system to overreact with an unrelenting barrage of signaling molecules called cytokines.

Unfortunately, the exaggerated immune response is dangerous to the patient. Instead of destroying the infection or invader, the cytokines damage healthy cells and cause inflammation. They can debilitate multiple organ systems at the same time.

In severe COVID patients, if a cytokine storm causes lung injury, it can develop into deadly ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). Researchers believe targeting cytokines during the management of COVID-19 patients could improve survival rates and reduce mortality.

CBD to Protect and Defend

Scientists are looking at the coronavirus from every angle with an urgent need for therapies and prevention strategies.

CBD’s remarkable health benefits come from its capacity to modulate key endocannabinoid receptors. For example, the ACE2 receptor allows the coronavirus to inject its genetic expression into human cells and proliferate. CBD interacts with the ACE2 receptor and can prevent or slow the virus’ impact. Researchers think CBD can help block the virus from entering ‘gateway tissues’ and decrease a person’s susceptibility.

Studies show CBD to modulate gene expression, reduce inflammation, and fight cancer by helping the body eliminate malfunctioning cells. These properties make CBD an excellent prospect as a support therapy for COVID-19 patients.

A study from the Dental and Medical Colleges of Georgia showed high CBD formulations might reduce the cytokine storm and lung inflammation that kill some COVID patients. Specifically, they found CBD could treat ARDS by improving oxygen levels and helping damaged lung tissues recover.

Terpenes are Making Health Headlines

Eybna is a research and development company in Israel dedicated to understanding botanical medicine. They are testing a proprietary formulation of 30 plant terpenes to treat inflammatory conditions such as the cytokine storm syndrome found in COVID-19 patients.

Early results show the combination of terpenes reduces inflammation in a similar way to CBD on its own. Scientists are looking into the exact mechanisms these natural, cannabis-derived plant terpenes use to create the anti-inflammatory effects.

So far, results indicate that, like CBD, the terpenes interact with the ACE2 receptor and can protect critical organs and tissues from viral invasion.

In the Eybna studies, they tested the terpenes on their own, CBD, and the combination of both. The best results came from CBD combined with the formulation of terpenes. The combination reduced inflammation and inhibited the overactive cytokines.

Optimism Boosts Immune Function

Avoiding viral exposure and boosting immune function with powerful supplements helps keeps us healthy. CBD is one outstanding tool in our arsenal of wellness, and our mood also matters. Studies show optimism boosts immune function. Whatever we do to increase balance and vitality has blossoming benefits.

Eybna uses 30 cannabis-derived terpenes in their formulation. To access the terpenes from the study, combine these four of Jampha’s terpene-enhanced, organic CBD Tincture Collections:

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