CBD for Sleep

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CBD for Sleep

We cannot live without sleep. Regular, quality rest keeps our immune system strong and our brain lively. A lack of sleep lowers stress resistance and dulls our ability to think, concentrate, or even process memories.

The modern world is full of distractions that make it harder to rest, from dietary stimulants to entertainment to ambient noise.  On top of that, anxiety, PTSD, and health problems can disrupt our circadian rhythm or inhibit the deep and restful sleep we require.

People with reduced sleep over a prolonged period can forget how it feels to have enough. They develop an apparent tolerance to sleep deprivation because it starts feeling normal.

Even so, a chronic lack of sleep increases the risk for certain diseases and medical conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, stroke, kidney disease, and depression.

How Does CBD Improve Sleep?

CBD helps the body manage the sleep-wake homeostasis by interacting with neurotransmitters in the endocannabinoid system. Early studies show that CBD reduces anxiety, soothes pain, and helps people sleep deeper and longer. Some even feel more awake during the day with less grogginess.

A 2019 study tracked 103 participants with anxiety, poor sleep, or both. During the three-month study, over half of the participants reported better sleep while taking CBD. However, researchers discovered that while smaller doses of 25mg were most effective in relieving anxiety, sleep benefits came at much higher doses of 300 to 600mg.

Meet The 10 Plant Terpenes in Jampha's Sleep CBD Formula

In addition to the remarkable CBD molecule, Jampha's unique tincture formulas include a combination of specialized molecules called plant terpenes. Here are the ten targeted terpenes in our Sleep CBD Tincture Collection and some research on how they support healthy sleep.


In preclinical studies, gamma-terpinene demonstrates a sedative effect similar to diazepam. However, gamma-terpinene does not affect motor coordination, which is a well-known side-effect of diazepam.


Terpineol is one of the molecules responsible for cannabis' anti-anxiety and sedative effects. For people recovering from an addiction, studies show it can mitigate withdrawal symptoms


Myrcene is found in multiple strains of cannabis and other sleep-promoting plants like hops and ylang-ylang. Studies show myrcene reduces pain and bodily discomfort and works as an effective sedative.

Myrcene also shows promise as a muscle relaxant and may work independently to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. 


Studies on valencene demonstrate its many benefits, from helping skin heal from sunburn to making anti-cancer therapies more effective.

Initial research indicates valencene increases mental alertness and could have applications with Alzheimer's patients. It also helps reduce inflammation.


Initial studies show linalool can reduce anxietyrelieve stressease depression, and reduce pain – all of which benefit people who need more and better sleep.

Found in lavender as well as hemp, studies also show linalool to act as a sleep aid and neuroprotectant (protecting the nervous system from injury and damage).


Various studies on pinene show it diminishes the likelihood of the development of neurodegenerative disorders and reduces inflammation.

Pinene may be one of the terpenes that helps people sleep by activating the inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA to soothe the nervous system and prepare you for sleep.


Geraniol demonstrates neuroprotective properties and may offer a natural template to treat neurological diseases. Geraniol interacts with the brain and nervous system to reduce depression.

In preclinical studies, geraniol increases sleep duration, though the time to fall asleep remained the same.


Found in chamomile as well as cannabis, a-bisabolol provides a sedative effect that is especially mentally calming. It has pain-relieving properties and causes smooth muscle relaxation.

A-bisabolol also reduces inflammation


Popular in food and home products due to its fresh, citrusy aroma, citral works as an effective sedative and reduces anxiety.


This powerhouse terpene is abundant in hemp and cannabis plants. Preliminary research shows it fights inflammation, helps reduce anxiety and depression, and accelerates cell healing.

In preclinical studies, b-caryophyllene reduced inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

B-caryophyllene shows promise as a neuroprotective agent with possible applications for Alzheimer's patients.

The Best Sleep You Can Get

Some people can sleep anywhere. For those of us with sleep challenges, reliably getting the recommended seven to nine hours a night may require a multi-pronged approach. Combine Jampha's Sleep CBD Tincture with other positive sleep habits, including:

  • Create a before-bed routine to unplug and unwind.
  • Make sure your bed and pillows support you.
  • Keep comfortable temperature settings and low light levels in your bedroom.
  • No screens in the bedroom. Get an alarm clock if you've been using your phone.
  • Limit caffeine after noontime. Don't drink or eat a lot before bedtime.
  • Exercise several times a week.

Sleep is as natural as the sunset. Our circadian rhythm is designed to regulate the sleep-wake cycle with each 24-hour rotation of the Earth. Travel, artificial light, overstimulation, and medical conditions can throw our circadian rhythm out of whack.

Jampha's pure, organic, full-spectrum, and terpene-enhanced CBD oil brings the concentrated power of nature to your cells to support your healthy sleep.

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