Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Benefits

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Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Benefits

In modern times, roses are a fragrant symbol of love and romance, but this flower's remarkable history and medicinal properties may surprise you.

According to fossil evidence, roses have bloomed for 35 million years. There are over 150 wild species, and the first signs of cultivation stretch back 5000 years. From ancient China, the Middle East, Rome, and into modern times roses have been used for confetti at celebrations, in perfumes, and as medicine. The rose hips, or small fruit that remains after the flower has died, are a source of Vitamin C that sustained the British population during food shortages in WWII.

Distilled from rose flowers, rose essential oil contains exceptionally high numbers of plant terpenes and other compounds – studies show between 95 and 300. This robust fusion of plant molecules' researched benefits includes pain relief, mood enhancement, antioxidants, and reduced inflammation.

Why Bulgarian Rose Otto?

The Bulgarian Valley of the Roses' unique soil structure, air humidity, and precipitation has made it an international center of rose production since the 16th century. Two majestic mountains, the Balkan and Sredna Gora, embrace the valley and create natural geographic conditions, including sandy soil and mild winters, that allow them to produce the most esteemed rose oil in the world.

Distilled from the intricately multi-pedaled Damask Rose, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto) has a sweet fresh floral, and warm citrusy scent. Other countries have tried to replicate the conditions in the Valley of the Roses, but none could grow enough of the Bulgarian Damask variety to produce essential oil. A single pound of essential oil requires 10,000 pounds of flowers or 60 roses per drop.

A Symbol of Ascent

Bulgarian Rose Oil is highly valued for spiritual and medicinal properties. Folk traditions and religions, including Muslim, Baha'i, and Christianity, see the rose as a symbol of the soul, the Divine Feminine, or union with the Divine. The array of petals unify in the golden center.

Rose essential oil has long been used to deepen meditation and is said to have the highest vibration of any essential oil. Energy healers use it to elevate a person's frequency with the consciousness of pure divine love and abundance.

Fights Aging, Improves Sleep

Potent antioxidants combined with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties add to Rose Otto's skincare benefits. Since it's gentle even for sensitive skin, some anti-aging products include rose essential oil to soothe skin and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Initial studies into the benefits of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil indicate it can:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relieve symptoms of depression
  • Improve sexual dysfunction
  • Kill bacteria
  • Kill fungus
  • Help balance glucose levels
  • Lower inflammation

Nature's Magic, Concentrated

At Jampha, the more we learn about plant medicine, the more the benefits of utilizing nature are confirmed. After all, 40 percent of pharmaceuticals are derived from plants people have used for centuries, including the top 20 bestsellers.

To enhance the entourage effect of potent plant molecules working together, we formulate our organic full-spectrum CBD oil with researched and targeted plant terpenes. We discovered some of these terpenes are also in the Bulgarian Rose Otto, including nerol, geraniol, and eugenol.

Like the hemp plant, which originated on a Tibetan plateau 28 million years ago, the rose is an ancient plant predating humans by millions of years. Both plants have high concentrations of natural plant compounds and a growing list of researched benefits.

Our company name, Jampha, is the Tibetan word for 'loving-kindness.' The Bulgarian Rose Otto is part of our new Divine Feminine Collection, a way for anyone to invoke balance and connect with the Yin.

"Mystery glows in the rose bed, the secret is hidden in the rose." -12th Century Persian poet and perfumer, Farid ud-din Attar

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